Tuesday 20 December 2011

Let it Snow...

I do wish it would!  This is one time of year when I miss my home and all the snow there...

Here are a few more snowflakes/ornaments from the same book as in the previous post
(DMC Tatting for Today)

Best wishes,


  1. Okay - I am digging out that book! Your motifs are so pretty!
    Fox : )

  2. How pretty- I like the one on the right. I have that book somewhere but I think I have some better patterns to do first. No snow in MN either- looks like a brown Christmas. : (

  3. I've had this book for 20 years and have looked at it often (and tatted many items from it). However, when you tat the designs (with your usual perfection), they just 'pop'!

    This book and "Festive Tatting", both published by DMC, were VERY important to me in my early tatting days (1989), especially since they used the then 'new' notation system of numbers and dashes, which has now been widely accepted and which I prefer.

    And although DMC does give credit to Marion T. Leyds as the designer, her name isn't prominently displayed. I also can't seem to find any information about her. I certainly am indebted to her for her wonderful work!

    I'm totally amazed at all YOUR new beautiful snowflake designs! Wish I had time to tat them - too busy writing cards and wrapping gifts right now!

  4. Thanks for your comment Kathy, I didn't know about "Festive Tatting" and I just found it on Amazon and bought it! I too have had Tatting for Today for a LONG time and have tatted many items from it (I started with the pin cushions in that book) so I look forward to getting the other one.

  5. Hhhhmmmm. I have the books mentioned - but my attempts don't look nearly this nice! Beautiful snowflakes :)

  6. Fabulous snowflakes!!! :)
    I too wish it would snow...LOTS! It just seems like it's missing us this year.

  7. Oh, how you are making me yearn for a tatted snowflake! Yours are beautiful! I must persist and finish up Christmas duties first... maybe in a few days!

  8. I know what you mean Diane, there is so much to do at this time of year! I know I need to put my shuttles away for a while but I find it so difficult!! :-)

  9. these snowflakes are beautiful. have a great christmas!


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