Thursday, 1 December 2011

I'm on a roll!

This is ridiculous, two posts on the same day... but snowflake fever has overcome me!  I didn't know for a while whether it would come together but I just finished this and I felt like sharing it.  So here is another design I've come up with.  I started last night and it did take a little while to get the right tension on those long crossed picots so they crossed in the middle and were pulled into shape, just so!  It was an interesting challenge but I'm pleased with the result.

I like the way it kinda makes a snowflake within a snowflake...
Do you see what I mean?

If you squint while looking at it, 
you will loose the detail
and see the shapes.

I now need to find it a pretty name.  Any suggestions?

Best wishes,


  1. I love this one too! Very interesting design concept, and I just saw the "snowflake in a snowflake"!

    I like it better than the two from earlier today, and competing with the "Flocon" one. So, are there lock joins to the long picots? I can understand why it was a bit fiddly to make!

    Naming your designs must be hard. This one makes me think of "flurry" or "feathers", but I am sure both names are already used by other snowflakes...

  2. Oh, I like this design! Sort of a double flake. Or a two-for-1 flake. I can visualize this in white with crystals or in the 'ice' thread.

  3. Language was never my thing but after reading the above post I went to the english-french translator and thought of "snowflake within" and come up with "flocon sein"---kind of nice ring to it.

  4. Wonderful. Again, you have utilized the inner spaces to perfection.

    My French is appalling, but I always try to use it when possible so today I came up with 'le beaux flocon treillis,' because it reminds me of the trellis in my grandmother's garden which I have not thought of in many, many...hmm.. decades!

    But, the words might not translate in French... : ))

  5. This is really lovely. Thank you for sharing it.

  6. Just plain stunning!!!! Another lovely snowflake!! You have done it again :)

  7. lovely blue and very nice tatting!

  8. I see I now have to check your blog almost hourly rather than daily! I missed seeing the two excellent snowflakes in the previous post, and here's a third already!

    This is an unique design showing a 'snowflake within a snowflake', with the long picots adding a 'woven' look. Since snowflakes are actually crystals, this one might be called 'Twin Crystals' or simply 'Echo' or 'Shadow'.

    You're definitely on a roll! I'm still in shock over your magnificent sweater!

  9. Gorgeous again. How about the "Twofer Snowflake". Two for One? Not very elegant, I'm afraid.

  10. Gorgeous snowflake!! :)
    I would like to suggest Crystal CrissCross as a possible name.

  11. I don't know any French, but would Entre something work? I know I'm thinking of entre lac, a knitting technique, but that word just sticks with me.

    Love the snowflake!

  12. are very creative with these, it's so fun to see what you come up them all!

  13. absolutely lovely, and very clever!


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