Friday 18 November 2011

Jon's Featherline Snowflake

I know a lot of people will be into snowflakes at the moment.  They make such a nice little gift and I think they look lovely on the Christmas tree.

So here is another:  it is Jon's Featherline Snowflake.  Another pattern I had printed ages ago but not tried yet.  I added some gold beads as I do like a bit of sparkle for tree decorations.

Not a very quick tat but mostly due to being slowed down
with adding beads.

These were all added as I went.  No beads strung onto the thread beforehand.

Photo with flash above, without flash below.  Again trying hard to catch
the sparkliness of the beads, always difficult!

I'm pleased with this.  Apart from a slightly mis-shapen center because I didn't do a very good job of sewing in ends (a job I very much dislike as many of you know!).  So the next time I tat this, I will use split rings and tat it all in one go.  The only problem would be adding the bead between the two split rings... I shall have to give that some thought.

I think it's nice to see things from a distance sometimes.
It makes you more aware of the negative spaces - don't you think?
See how pretty the negative spaces are in this snowflake?
Viewed from here, and because of the beads, it even
looks as if the center is not attached and is just floating there...

Thank you very much Jon for the lovely pattern.

Best wishes,


  1. It's very nice. I don't think about the negative spaces much- I should. The beads are lovely. I just got a bead spinner with my 50% off coupon and do I ever LOVE it!

  2. Oh, what's a bead spinner?? 50% coupon.... from where?

  3. Your snowflake is beautiful, and I love the addition of the beads!

    A bead spinner is a wooden bowl that spins on a stand. You fill it with beads, hold your beading needle in the bowl, give it a spin, and the beads slide up the needle. They are a lot of fun to use!

    However, ever since I've learned Nina Libin's method of needling the thread, I haven't touched my bead spinner. It's such a simple idea. Dip the end of your thread (about 1") into glue. Wipe off the extra glue. Let it dry. The stiff thread picks up the beads beautifully!

  4. Hi Diane,
    Thanks for the spinner info, and great tip about the thread!

  5. This snowflake is beautiful. I so admire tatting and will learn one of these days. Happy Tatting...

  6. I do have a bead spinner (and it IS cool), but I like the idea of just adding the beads as you go. This is a pretty snowflake and has a nice balance of tatting and open spaces.

  7. Thank´s for sharing all this great patterns, to all tatters.


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