Monday 7 November 2011

If You Don't Hear From Me For a Bit....

It's because I'm knitting!  The weather is getting colder here and I have this very nice Fair Isle Cardigan which I thought I would enjoy wearing.... if only I got it finished!  Really, there isn't that much left:  body and both sleeves done and I'm now up to the shoulders, knitting in the round.  So I thought I would be "good" and have a go at finishing it.  Just a few more inches at the top, then the collar and button bands.

I struggle to leave my shuttles alone (and still do a bit of tatting here and there) but I will really make an effort with the knitting.

I'll try to be back as quickly as I can - I've got a big(gish) tatting project going on in the background and also there's all those Christmas snowflakes to think about!  So it's a wrench.... but back to my knitting needles I go... for now.

Best wishes,


  1. Beautiful knitting - you are right to finish and enjoy this.
    Fox : )

  2. Wow - that's spectacular! Not being a knitter I find it hard to believe humans can actually make such things :) It's lovely.
    (I've put down my shuttles to try and finish some crochet, but it's no where near as breath taking, sadly!)

  3. Gorgeous sweater! You'll look beautiful, and be warm. Happy knitting.

  4. Gorgeous- and I would love to see the knitting progress so don't hesitate!

  5. I am in awe...what beautiful knitting!

  6. Great work!
    And You're right: it's time/season to knit!

  7. What a lovely pattern and looking good,
    it is getting slowly colder at least we have not had any snow yet, not that we want it. looking forward to seeing it when you have finished it.

  8. Your statement that it's a 'very nice' sweater is quite an understatement! It's MAGNIFICENT!!!Do I detect an Alice Starmore pattern here? (You may recall that I actually met her.) I believe this kind of ribbing was a 'trademark' of hers, although others picked up on it!

    Am I correct that you are doing a 'steek' and will cut the sweater up the front before adding the front ribbing? You are MUCH braver than I am!!!

  9. Hi Kathy,

    It's an Ann Feitelson pattern actually. This is the first book of Fair Isle I ever bought and the fourth item I have made from it. My next knitting project will probably be by Starmore.

    And yes, you are right, I am doing a steek and will CUT the sweather down the middle when I'm finished knitting! Quite scary the first time you do it but such a great technique - I love it.


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