Monday 17 October 2011

Self-Closing Mock Ring

Just added a new video on the SCMR.
Hope it's helpful to anyone who has previously thought 
the self-closing mock ring a bit daunting.

It's not, really!

I think maybe I need a new camera... It's quite hard to get a crisp close-up when in filming mode...  I'm still learning and trying to figure out how to make the best videos I can and I do wish they could be a bit clearer.  It think I'll get my daughter's camera a try next time, I'm sure it's better than mine!

My maple leaf has a SCMR in the centre


One of my favourite bookmark ever 
(by Jane Eborall)
also uses SCMRs.

Best wishes,


  1. That's a very clear video. Could you do one to show the other way of closing the SCMR? I find it's a lot better. Here's a link for you.

  2. Hi Jane,

    I'd not thought of doing it "another way". I shall go examine your explanations!

  3. Thanks, Frivole! That's a technique I have not tried yet.

  4. A good tutorial. Thanks for sharing.

  5. You amaze me Diane! An experienced tatter such as you? I thought you'd know ALL the techniques! :-)

    One of my favourite patterns which uses an SCMR is Jane Eborall's flower bookmark. I think I should put that in the body of my post...

  6. Thanks for sharing, I will enjoy watching it when I have time, its not something I can very well so I might be able to improve my skill.


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