Sunday 16 October 2011

I found it! I found it!

I knew it would resurface eventually.  As some of you said, I needed to stop looking for it and it would show up.

Handkerchief gifted by Michelle
So delighted to have found it.  This is now my next project (well.... one of my next projects... :-).  The colours are so gorgeous on it, I really like this handkerchief.  Not really a "tatting" post but I was so pleased, I had to share.

Best wishes,


  1. Well, Frivole, your post made me smile, so I'm glad you made it.

  2. well, it is a basis for tatting, so it would qualify as a tatting post.

  3. This counts as a tatting post, IMHO. Looking forward to the pretty lace to come.

  4. Wonder where you found it... : ))

  5. Oh, yes, I should have said... It was hiding in a pile of clean laundry, between two items of clothing. I must have picked it up by mistake when I was moving the laundry around.


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