Thursday, 27 October 2011

Michelle's Handkerchief - Done At Last!

The lost-and-found hanky finally got its border finished.  I had asked people's opinion on which colour to go for... and though the yellow had many supporters, it was the variegated green that won.  Before the votes were in, I had actually started off on the yellow and probably done a whole side before I changed my mind.  It seemed to me the yellow was competing too much with the pink flowers instead of completing them.

So for the ones who voted green, here it is!

Those sharp inward curves were a bit troublesome...
I had to to use some single-shuttle split rings to make a sharp turn.

The advantage of a one shuttle pattern, I realised, is that you never have
to rewind your shuttle - and rewinding the shuttle when making chains,
is the one thing that slows tatting down the most for me.  
So although this is a fine thread (size 80),
I could make progress quite quickly.

The border pattern is from the Tatter's Treasure Chest.

Best wishes,


  1. Your edging looks amazing and compliments that hanky wonderfully! :)

  2. Just gorgeous!!!! I love the border it's so pretty!!!

  3. That's STUNNING. I LOVE it. SO pleased you found it and finished it.

  4. Love the color you used on the usual you do a fabulous job.

  5. Now- doesn't that look gorgeous!!! You are so amazing to do those tricky curves so smoothly. Lovely work! (Aunt Rose-E would be thrilled!)

  6. Il est tout simplement magnifique !! J'aime beaucoup le vert....
    A bientot

  7. Beautiful! I don't remember which color I voted for, but the green is perfect!

  8. I am absolutely GREEN with envy! Your tatting is perfect and the colour superb! I voted for yellow, and now see how wrong-minded that choice would have been,c as I look at this wonderful tatted hankie. Just so lovely.
    Fox : )

  9. Beautiful! Green was the perfect choice :)

  10. This hanky is SO LUCKY! It's got a perfectly fitting edging....

  11. Beautiful!!
    Those flowers needed stems and the border is a wonderful and BEAUTIFUL base!

  12. I voted for yellow and am now wondering what could I have been thinking? Of COURSE the green! It is "just right" in every way.

    Your handkerchief could single-handedly bring back the fashion, it is so beautiful. (I hope it does.)


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