Sunday 15 May 2011

Quatrain Bookmark

I decided to take part in the Bookmark Exchange at In Tatters.  So had to take a break from the doily to make one.  Is it okay to show my finished bookmark here before I send it?  I was given the name of a man.  So I was trying to make something a bit "masculine" which is not easy really as I think tatting is pretty feminine.  But don't get me wrong, I think it's absolutely great that there are men who enjoy tatting.

Anyway, I thought Quatrain might be suitable adapted for a bookmark.

Still not sure it's very "masculine".... but I think I'm happy with the result.  Apart from spotting a mistake right at the end after I'd finished my tassel!!  I won't tell you where, maybe you won't notice.  And hopefully the person I'm sending it to won't either.

I'm really into the blues and greens these days... Definitely my next project won't be blue (that's after I finish the doily, the project with Quatrain and the hanky... so a while yet with the blues!).

Best wishes,


  1. Well, that's another option! How nice! (I was going to say pretty but I don't want to make it sound too feminine.)

  2. I believe that you see a mistake, but I don't! That's a wonderful bookmark, and I think anyone would appreciate it, male or female. Your work is beautiful as always.

  3. Mistake? No. It's merely a slight deviation from the pattern.

  4. Your bookmark looks great! :)

  5. That is really beautiful! Do you mind if I give this adaption of your quatrain a try? I really really like it, but then, I really really like bookmarks and really really like your quatrain pattern, so this is a sure winner in my book! :-)

  6. Of course not Julie! I'm delighted you want to make it. I did try to find a way of making all the centre squares in one go using split rings but the best I could manage was two and two then join them. If you come up with a better solution, let me know! I made the corner trefoils smaller for the bookmark as they are not attached to other elements (6-3, 3+4-4-3, 3+6) as I didn't want them to flop about.

  7. This is a nice pattern, and I like how it works with the varigated thread.

  8. Lovely pattern and the colours are lovely well done.


  9. Terrific adaptation Frivole! I love the outside row around the bookmark too.


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