Wednesday, 17 December 2014

'Tis the Season to...

be wearing snowflake earrings!  I just had to take a short moment to make myself a pair.  This is Elizabeth Zipay's pattern and they are very quick to make.

I have now stiffened them and added a few sparkles too… and they look really nice on… really "snowflakey!  :-)

If anyone knows of a product that would make fabric (or thread) completely hard, I'd love to hear about it.  I used PVA glue but that still leaves them bendable.  Is there anything that goes really hard?

Best wishes,


  1. Those are wonderful earrings!! :)

  2. I haven't tried this but I want to, it sounds quite promising. It's called Fa-bric, supposed be permanent and can be used for items inside or outside.
    Your earrings look good :-)

    1. Hi Tattridy, Fa-brick sounds very interesting but I've had a search and it's very hard to find here in the uk!

  3. I have seen Paverpol demonstrated at the Craft Shows - it is permanent and apparently works as it says it will:
    It says that it is made in Europe so you should be able to get it where you are. The demonstator showed her daughter's old dolls and teddy bears which she had hardened so that they became like sculptures, and she said they were hidden in her garden to amuse grandchildren and were perfect!

  4. Love the earrings, I used PVC and water, not found anything else to make then really hard.

  5. Lovely earrings, I have had limited success on using stiffening agents after one discolored my work I tend to use less and keep them bendable.
    BTW I love how you always display your work on tatted mats/backgrounds, absolutely lovely.

  6. I know a few people have experimented with encasing tatting in clear resin. In that case, when you're done you can't touch the tatting at all-- it's like an insect in amber. I know that's not what you're aiming for here, but it might be an interesting look to experiment with.

  7. I have had some success with clear nail polish. It takes a couple of coats but it does make the earring quite stiff. The smell does linger though, that is a drawback!

  8. This is sooooooo cool!

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