Thursday, 14 November 2013

Black Ice Queen

I know this is a bit unorthodox... but I fancied tatting Ice Queen in black, to see what it would look like... for a change.  I still find there is more tension than I would like in this pattern and am starting to wonder whether I should update it...  I don't remember having problems when I first tatting it and wrote the pattern and wonder whether it's just that my bugle beads need to be a bit longer (they do vary in size) because the problem is mostly where the three rings join on the last round.  Having a longer bugle beads there would lift the centre ring and make more space for the other two small rings.

And I'm still enjoying a bout of beading and completed another pair of earrings.
In turquoise, one of my favourite colours.

Best wishes,


  1. Black Ice looks nice! You may be right about lifting the center ring of 3. It would open the look.
    Those are very nice turquoise earrings. Good thing we don't live next door, I might be tempted to snitch, or at least borrow them.

  2. Hi Ladytats,

    I wish you did live nearby! It would be nice to have someone to share my various thread madnesses with! ... and I would lend you my earrings. :-) I'm really pleased with them and have now made a pendant based on the same pattern, but in shades of green (it will probably go to a friend for Christmas).

    I will give Ice Queen another try with a longer bugle or an extra bead on top and see if that helps.

  3. The tension doesn't show in a picture, the Black Ice Queen just looks fabulous. Love your turquoise earrings!

  4. absolutely gorgeous in black!!! Love the beaded earrings too!

  5. Black? My favourite one!
    Fox : )

  6. Love the Black Ice Queen!! :) The silver bugle beads create a snowflake design in the center and the whole thing is stunning!!! :)
    Very nice earrings!! :)

  7. The ice queen is lovely in black, but I am having trouble imaging a snowflake in black. It does look stunning with the silver beads.
    Lovely earrings, I like your design.

  8. Both are very nice love the earrings on the snowflake I know what you mean double check those long beads I noticed they change the length around sometimes or it's a different company that does it.

  9. Black Ice Queen is gorgeous! Although I'm not a fan of black ice on the road, I wouldn't mind hanging a few of these beauties on my tree! ;-)

  10. This pattern makes a very lovely snow flake no matter what color(s) you use!
    Definately one of my most favorite!
    Thank you for sharing it! Ü

  11. wow - the black tatting looks great, and the turquise earings are favourite of my daughter. Thanks for sharing.

  12. This black one is amazing! I love it!

  13. Ladies,

    Could any of you please send me the pattern of Ice Queen?

    Thank you all.


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