Saturday, 13 July 2013

... And The Idea Took Shape

This is the idea that occurred to me when I made the little red sample from the previous post.  Once it started trotting in my head, I couldn't leave it alone!

I tried different colour combinations.
Above is a variegated green with a solid pink.

Below is black and cream
(this one looks prettier in real life,
I'm going to work on that one again)

And next I reversed it
and used a solid green with a variegated for the petals

With this stitch count, the border has a tendency to curve around a bit which give it great flexibility of use as it will go around a square, an oval or a round centre (like my recent Viola pattern).  But I am working on the stitch count so that it will sit straight also (there will be more than one version for this again).  It already sits straight easily with only very light help but I want to make a version which is "naturally" straight.

You can also make the centre of the flowers
the same as the petals for a different look:

This would work nicely with another variegated so there
is still some contrast between the centre and the petals
(I need to tat yet more samples!)

And it also makes a really pretty medallion.

Now there is a lot going on in this pattern although it may appear simple at first.  New methods of doing things I've come up with for this design.  The petals are done in a way I've never seen before.  I like how this technique makes pretty little "puffy" petals.  It brings an extra textural interest to the tatting.  The colour changes are made WITHOUT a shoe-lace trick which works surprisingly well.  It's going to take a little while to write up the pattern as it will need lots of explanations and photos I think.

Now for a name... ?  Hoping inspiration will strike any moment soon... but if anyone has suggestions, I would gladly receive them.

P.S.  I'm good for test-tatters already but thank you for offering!

Best wishes,


  1. Love the idea and would like to test-tat this!

    As for the name -- the first thought was "oh, what beautiful forget-me-nots!"

    1. You are right and I thought that about the blue version too! :-)

  2. Your pattern is very pretty, and while I would love to test-tat the pattern, I know that I won't have time for the next week. I guess I'll just have to wait for you to release it!

  3. Would love to give it a test :) I also thought the blue version looked like 'Forget-me-nots'
    The first pink ones reminded my of Soapwort or the pink phlox I have in the yard, but that's not near as good a name as 'forget-me-not'.

  4. Ok, frivole, I planned to start with my own programme this week, but I will make time to try and tat this, if you tell me how. I am constantly learning anyhow, so,..


  5. I like the way the added picots give the leaves a bit of a feathery look. Your ideas are so creative! It reminded me of forget-me-nots too. But to make it tat-ficial you should call it "forget-me-knots".

  6. Oh what a gorgeous pattern!!! :) I love how versatile it is too!! :) Seems to me that there is a general agreement on the name so I will leave it alone. :)

  7. Actually, I like Knot Forgotten or Forgotten Knot! Love to test this as I am familiar with that stitch. : ))

  8. So pretty! Obviously has a lot of potential.

  9. piękne!!!!!! wszystkie Frywolitki Twoje są urocze:) Miło tu Pozdrawiam

  10. This is beautiful! I love the petals, they are so pretty! You can send it to me to test-tat if you want1 :)

  11. I love the petals and the way you have done them, the pink gave me the name of " ring of roses"
    I am looking forward to seeing the pattern when you have finished it.

  12. j'aime beaucoup ce nouveau modèle!!!!
    Je l'appelerais " mille fleurs "
    A bientôt de pouvoir le réaliser quand tu le mettras en boutique...

  13. So pretty! I'd be honored to test tat for you.

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