Thursday, 18 October 2012

Yet Another

Have you had enough of pumpkins yet?  Here is another one, this time by Mark Myers and it's called "Autumn Pumpkin".  I started this once and wasn't sure I liked it but then decided to have another go.  In the spirit of autumn and Halloween, I just had to complete it to add to my collection.  Mark Myers (aka Tat-man) does a lot of his designs with one shuttle only and this pumpkin is no exception.

This is quite different to the kind of stuff I normally tat but it was interesting to make.  Unlike the previous pumpkin, this is not a quick tat though.  There are many separate elements composing the design.   I did find it a little difficult to produce the kind of tatting I like with the half rings that he uses for the pumpkin:  because they are incompletely closed rings, it's really hard to get them all looking the same.  So I have to accept the more "free" aspect of this kind of tatting.  On the other hand I like the little green braids which are made on the same principle.  It's also quite nice to tat with just one shuttle for a change.

I would have preferred brown for the tail but I still don't have any.  I was supposed to get some with my last order but they were out.  The orange is "Harvest Orange" by Lizbeth.

Anyone else has got more pumpkins they can suggest for me to try?

Best wishes,


  1. Very interesting!

    Have you tried the Celtic pumpkin we did last year?

    1. Oh Michelle! Celtic! There's one word that makes me quiver in my boots! I have tried a few celtic designs but I don't get on well with those long twisty chains, trying to make them behave into nice celtic knots. Mmmmm, should I try again?

  2. Bella Online has links to several pumpkin patterns from their Halloween tatting page:

    Some of them are ones you've already done, but there are some others as well. I particularly like Mary Maynard's.

  3. I have issues with half rings too. I often use beads on the core thread of the half rings to hold the space. Mentally I need to see something in that space.

  4. That is a very nice rendition of Mark's pumpkin. Looks very festive.

  5. Beautiful, lovely pattern and gorgeous pumpkin
    Not seen this pattern before and it looks something to get your teeth into, half rings sound a little daunting

  6. You have quite a collection of pumpkins, and they're all wonderful! This one is very clever, being done with the single shuttle, but the half-rings seem tricky!

    Michelle inquired about the Celtic pumpkin. I also haven't conquered the interwoven chains and find them quite frustrating! It gives me some comfort to know you have difficulty with them, too!


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