Friday, 26 October 2012

D*i*a*mond Earrings & Sweetheart

No, not that kind of diamond... but still pretty?  I wanted a pair of red earrings to go with something so just quickly tatted these last night, and wore them today.

I added Snowflake Obsidian semi-precious beads as I like that bit of extra weight to the earrings.  They look slightly asymmetrical but it's just the angle they were on when I took the photo.

I like how they've turned out and will probably make a couple more pairs in different colours.

I also used Jess's Messy Jess-y again to make Birgit Phelps's Sweetheart.  This is a great little pattern but if I was to make it again I maybe would try it without the two uppermost rings to give it more curve at the top... and maybe shorten the side chains just a little?  Oh, but I'm fussing.  It's a lovely heart.

Best wishes,


  1. Great earrings and beautiful heart!!! :)

  2. That's very nice thread on your heart. Nice earrings, too! I like the dangly bead.........

  3. Love your earrings. Great heart, too :)

  4. I love the heart!
    I was just trying to find a pattern for another new thread,a messy Chilled-like, because of the gray, it turned out with less light blue than Chilled, but still very pretty. (I'll send you a pic)
    Anyway, I think I will try this heart out to make a sample! It's so cute!!

  5. Lovely, both the earrings and heart! Love Jess's HDT colours.

  6. Hola, Gracias por tus comentarios y me encantan los aretes, en rojo son bellos. El corazon me ha dado ideas para tat otro.

  7. I love the earrings, i think that it would be really cool to make more pairs in different colours. :) I also think that your heart is really cute, I really like how the colours work with the pattern.

  8. Lovely earrings, I think that little pattern has come from your bookmark corners, they make a gorgeous pair of earrings to go out in.

    Lovely heart and gorgeous colour.

  9. Hi Margaret,

    Well, it's hardly a "pattern", I just put four trefoils together and there you go: earrings!

  10. I just love how you can whip up some earrings so quickly. I am too pokey, or just can't concentrate long enough to get a pair of earrings done in one sitting. Is that weird? And Birgit Phelps Sweetheart is one of my favorite patterns - it looks wonderful in "Messy-Jessy" :)

  11. Beautiful earrings am not surprised you'll be whipping ups few more pairs in different colours. I like the heart but I can see we're you're coming from with the proposed changes.

    Did you get my email the other week in regards to the messages you'd left on my blog and papillon?


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