Monday, 19 December 2011

So Quiet...

I hope it's just because everyone is too busy?.... 

I've put the Christmas pudding to boil, it will be ready in five hours.  Meanwhile there's still a bit of time here and there for some more tatting.

Not sure I'm completely happy with this one.  I tatted many of the snowflakes out of this book last year (DMC "Tatting for Today") but there were still a few untried and this is one of them:

It's ok but not as interesting as I thought it might turn out.
Good enough to put in someone's Christmas card though?

Best wishes,


  1. It's crazy here and we don't even have snow! This is one is good enough to include in a card, I think. The color is lovely!

  2. Is that 'blue ice'? I know I'd love to receive it in a card! It's an interesting pattern.

  3. Hi Suztats, yes, it's Blue Ice. I don't really like tatting with white but I can just about manage with Blue Ice which is mostly white but still has a subtle colour change in it.

  4. Great snowflake in a great color choice! :)


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