Saturday, 8 October 2011

Inspired by Carolivy

Over at In Tatters, Carolivy posted about the decorated baubles she recently made.  I really loved the green one which is decorated with a Susanne Schwenke star.  As you know, I've been making many motifs from her books recently so I went to look for that particular one.  It's lovely.  And inspired by Carolivy's, I too added beads at the end of the points.  I don't have a bauble to put it on at the moment (couldn't bear to go search for them in the loft) but will take another photo at a later stage.

I really like this star, though it didn't strike me in
the book until I saw what Carolivy had made with it.

I think I will try it in a smaller thread next time.
Need to get more Lizbeth 40!

Update:  Carolivy has now made a blog post about her baubles and you can see it here.

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  1. It's beautifully made but it looks very striking in that colour with those beads.


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