Tuesday, 28 September 2021

Tatting Old and New

I've finally been able to visit my family again after more than two years!  It's wonderful to be back and to spend time with family and friends I've really missed during that time.

It's been lovely to find that two doilies I made for my father several years ago are still in use and on display in his home.

The first one was a design by Renulek if I recall correctly.

And the second one is a design by Mary Konior
which I combined with a border by Jan Stawasz
(I write about it here)

During my stay I knitted a pair of sock/bootees
for my new niece.  It's a free design by Garnstudio
knitted in very soft alpaca wool.

Next is a vintage small doily that I discovered one of my friends had.
It's a actually a piece of "cro-tatting" as you can see
the crochet stitches on some of the rounds.
I took a photo and might try to reproduce it.

Lastly I've not yet worked more on the edging from the previous post
but I started working on the motifs for the collar I also mentioned in the previous post.
I chose to make it in natural écru.

Autumn is on its way.  The maples are starting to turn their glorious shades of red, orange and yellow.  I hope all is well with you!

Best wishes,


  1. Very beautiful pieces!!! :)
    Great start to your collar!! :)

  2. How wonderful to be able to see family in person again. Good to know your work is appreciated! At one time Anna Burda magazine had several patterns that used crochet in tatting patterns like that. Love the booties!

    1. Hi Jane, I have a few Anna Burda magazines... I'll go have a look to see if there are any coo-tat patterns in them. I must admit I've tried cro-tatting with a crochet hook and am still not very good at it but I think combining crochet and tatting works very well.

  3. It's so nice that you were able to spend time with family again! Mom has always said that one of the best things about visiting family is seeing things put to use that she had cherished. Lovely memories!

  4. I love your work! They look so beautiful!

  5. Beautiful dollies its so nice to see them being used and not stuck in a draw and forgotten about. Your tatting is beautiful and I love the booties

    1. Yes, I'm so pleased that my father displays my tatted gifts to him! I think it's lovely that he seems to value them. He also has one of my tatted snowflakes attached to his desk in front of where he works.

  6. What a beautiful works!!I am an Italian woman,my name is Monica,and I learnt tatting a few months ago looking at the videos of Frivole.It wasen’t so easy….but now I am able to do some work!!
    In Italy is not so easy to find shuttles with the hoke,so I bought it in a on-line shop,and also Lizbeth thread(I tried with number 20,even if is very thin!!)
    But now I have a little problem:my thread twist,and I don’t know if is my tatting way or a wrong way to put the thread on the bobin….is there someone that can help me with some suggestions?
    Thank you so much and sorry for my English!!
    I love tatting!!

    1. Hello Monica,
      I'm very glad to hear you are learning to tat! Twisting can be due to different factors; some threads are more "twisty" than others I find, but I don't usually have too much trouble with Lizbeth. Winding the thread onto the bobbin by hand can also add some twist to the thread due to the circular movement and the way the thread slips through your fingers as you wind. You can try winding by rolling your shuttle and see if that helps? See YouTube videos here (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1aqvuXiKs00) or here (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y9L_NnEDCfE&t=15s) Otherwise, you can just stop and drop your shuttle ever so often and let the thread unwind itself before carrying on tatting.

      If anyone has other suggestions, please feel free to add! :-)

    2. Frivole,thank you so much for your answer!!
      I have already prepare my next bobin rolling the shuttle to wind the thread,and I hope this way will be good.
      Now I have another question:looking at your video it seems to me that you never enlarge the loop on your left hand,I don’t understand how is it possible….after a few stitches I have to pull the thread to enlarge the loop,may be I have a wrong position of the thread on my left hand….
      Sorry for all these questions,but learning just looking at the video is so difficult for me….even if you are the best tatting teacher!!
      Thank so much for your help,see you soon!!

    3. Hello Monica,
      Your questions are all good questions! I happen to have a video that shows what I do with my left hand and why it looks like I don't stop to enlarge my loop. You can view it here:


      Best wishes,


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