Sunday 22 April 2018

Small Doily - 2nd Round

A pretty quick second round.  Looking a tad "wonky" in places but I've not blocked it and I think that will rectify itself once I attach the third round anyway.  Very short chains on that round so I made the rings with flipped stitches and the chains with unflipped.  Much quicker.  Onwards to the next round!

Best wishes,


  1. You're still busy as a bee! The socks are beautiful, and no doubt were greatly appreciated!

    I assumed you were doing the chains on this row with the unflipped stitches - a good technique. I like that the center design has the four rings. Your stitches are always so perfect!

    I finally did a blog post after three years(!) and you might like to see how I used a set of interlocking rings that I had in my stash! They were the perfect answer to my need for a small, round motif!

  2. Looks great! Eager to see third round.

  3. Hi again! Thanks for visiting my recent post! Yes, indeed, the IRs are done with a shuttle, and so very easily, too. Below are my two 'tutorials' from 2013, parts 1 and 2. It's too bad I don't know how to make videos because it's much easier to 'show' it. For the first rings it's just a matter of doing a 'down join' movement to bring the thread up. The last ring is, of course, more involved. My method is to unwind the bobbin, but I think one could do a mock ring using the ball thread. I've thought about trying that, but inexplicably haven't done so yet! Hope you have a chance to try IRs again!


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