Tuesday 11 July 2017

Magic Square Magic

Oh yes squares!  I do love squares in tatting.  So when I spotted Robin's New Onion Ring Magic Square, I had to take a break from my green doily to tat it.

Tatted in Lizbeth 20, "Harvest Gold"

You should go and check out the whole thing.  There are different ways of combining the design and two squares.  Robin is really clever in designing these.  I'm impressed.  She even describes the whole process of designing a magic square.  It's really interesting.

You can tat this as a magic square but you can also just tat it as is and attach on the sides.  I love the magic square idea... but sometimes I also just like tatting smaller motifs and attaching and letting it grow as you go instead of deciding in advance how big you'd like it to be.

I like the contrast the onion rings bring to the design.  The outside chain of the onion ring is attached with a Catherine Wheel Join.   I had to refresh my memory on the CWJ as I'd not had to use it for some time.

Thank you Robin.  Another great design.

Best wishes,


  1. It looks like this style is a favorite with the tatters,it's beautiful💮

  2. Auch ich arbeite gerade an diesem Muster. Es ist schön zu arbeiten mit den Zwiebelringen.
    Eine sehr schöne Farbe. Sieht wunderbar aus

  3. I wish I wasn't so busy right now so I could write a nice detailed post about the design process. Then you could join in on the fun, hehehe :)

    1. That would be lovely Robin. I'm grateful for the information you have a already provided so far on magic squares which is great! Thank you!

    2. And I need a bit more time to tat more of these onion ring magic squares...

  4. Projekt faktycznie, rewelacyjny

  5. It's a very pretty pattern and you have done a lovely piece of tatting with it. Love the colour

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