Wednesday 17 June 2015

Slow Progress on Cap and New Blanket

I'm testing the mobile Blogger app. This is my first blogpost done entirely from my telephone. I had to go away unexpectedly (still am away) and without my computer but wanted to post a little update so you don't think I've disappeared entirely!

(Mmmm, just spotted the date above says 17th of June when today is the 1st of July and I have no idea how to correct this as it was added automatically... strange). Anyway, no matter but do not be confused, today is definitely July 1st which means...

Happy Canada Day!

This is how far I got with the Jan Stawasz cap. Definitely head shaped now.... but still for a very big head!  I'm now debating cutting out two rows to make it narrower and completing the last rows from there instead. 

I went to stay at my friend's chalet for a few days and as a thank you - and because every chalet needs a homemade blanket - I decided to crochet one for her. I always liked this snowflake design but strangely decided to use green as my main background colour instead of blue although there will be a few blue hexagons to break it up a bit and add interest. So this will be a "summer snow" blanket!

Best wishes,


  1. Wonderful thank you gift, you can come and stay in my chalet!

  2. The cap is beautiful! Lucky friend- gorgeous blanket!

  3. Beautiful cap!! :)
    Awesome blanket!!! :)

  4. Neat pattern. Can't figure out if the centre is worked over a colour or crocheted as a centre, with the colour added as the next round.

  5. If you line the hat you can fill in the space for a smaller head. Just a suggestion. I wouldn't want to sweat on it and discolor the band.


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