Tuesday 28 April 2015

Baby Pink

This is probably my favourite earring pattern at the moment.  I wear a pair often and of course, the advantage of making them yourself is that you can match any outfit and colour you wish, stash permitting.

I was talking with a friend yesterday and she commented how pretty my earrings were (I was wearing a pair in turquoise) and it so happens that her birthday was coming up…. so I made her a pair.  I did check and she was lacking in the pink department so I made her this pair in baby pink (Lizbeth 619).

I like how the big pearl nestles in the centre of the three-dimensional flower.  These earrings are not flat and the layered design helps them keep their shape when worn.

Apart from that, I'm still knitting!  My son's green sweater is nearly finished and the socks are completed too.  I'll take photos for the next blogpost.

Best wishes,


  1. Very pretty very elegant ! I Love layers, 3D :-D

  2. Lovely! I feel like I should know the pattern but don't. Will you direct me?

  3. Thank you Michelle! The pattern is my own actually though I'm sure there are other layered tatted flowers about. It started off as two separate elements when I first made it then I realised I could make it into a one-round pattern with slight modifications.

  4. Beautiful earrings and very pretty colour, I like the pattern

  5. Sehr hübsche und elegante Ohrringe. Auch die Farbe ist hübsch.
    Ich mag die Ohrringe

  6. I really like those. Any chance you would publish the pattern?

    1. Hi, thank you StringyDogs. I have a couple of patterns I'm thinking of writing up… it's just finding the time! I'll try my best.

  7. Joelle, I would also like to encourage you to write up the pattern or do a tutorial for it. I can only locate the pattern for the layered rings.

  8. I'd happily buy this pattern!

  9. Those earrings are lovely ! I hope you will publish the pattern so I can buy it 😊

  10. These earrings are sooooooooooo lovely ! <3

  11. Merci Joëlle! Je les porte presque tous les jours. Ce sont des boucles qui annoncent les beaux jours d'été :)


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