Monday 6 January 2014

A Bit of a Crochet Craze...

Please bear with me, tatting friends, while this crochet craze makes its way through!  Here is the other project I worked on during the holiday.  I wanted to make something warm and cozy for my sister in Canada where they are having a lot of very cold weather!

So I went for chunky soft wool and a bobble stitch to keep the softness and also make it visually interesting.  I looked at a few different stitches but couldn't quite find what I was after so I improvised this one and then added a scalloped border all around afterwards.

It can be worn in different ways (it's an infinity type scarf)
so you can wrap it around how you like,
even wear it on your head as a hood!

Here is just one way:

I have taken it to the post office this morning, hoping it will be well received.  Meanwhile, I'm making progress with the handspun yarn.  As I thought I wouldn't have enough to make it wide AND long, I found some matching yarns which I will use to make a pretty border.  The lime green is very very fine merino, lace-weight, very soft and I think adding it to the mix helps tie all the colours in together.  Not sure about the straight edge against the straight edge though and might try different things for attaching the border.

And finally, I've been making some of these scrumptious, soft roses which will go on another project for someone's birthday next month.  They are made from Megan's pattern (scroll down the page, for some reason, there is blank space above) but I only used rows 1 and 3 and skipped the middle row.  I then vary the length of the starting chain to make bigger or smaller roses.  The yarn - Zauerball "Floral Language"- is gorgeous.  I'm always a big fan of pink and green together.  The changes are quite long though so you need to make a few roses in one colour (two or three) before you get to the next colour change.

Hope everyone is settling into the new year and has lots of projects and ideas to look forward to!  I know I do and as always, will find there is never enough time for all of them!

Best wishes,


  1. That is just the thing we need to see, where I am now our cold weather has finally come Nice colors!

  2. The blue scarf is fabulous. Thanks for the link to the roses, I've saved it. I think they're gorgeous and I might even make them one day.

  3. I love your new stitch for the infinity scarf! I can't help thinking of berry crumble when I look at it. The scarf looks cosy enough to defeat even the most determined blizzard.

  4. I love your scarf gorgeous colour, your other crochet item is looking nice in those colours. Your roses are beautiful.
    It's nice to have a change sometimes, it brings us back to tatting refreshed with new items.

  5. The scarf is lovely, and I'm sure it will be well received! I was looking through my scarves today, looking for the warmest one to wear while in the grip of this polar vortex. I have beautiful crocheted scarves from my daughter Joanne, woven scarves from my mom, and several that I've knit over the years. It was almost enough to encourage me to pull out my knitting needles! ;-)

  6. Gorgeous scarf, absolutely gorgeous! Those roses are enough to make me crochet.

  7. I forgot to say (I was so excited by the new "Berry Crumble" scarf stitch!) that when you do get the colour changing part-way through a rose it looks quite effective and adds a certain cottagey charm to the mixed bouquet. The yarn is lovely and very aptly named.

    1. Hi Megan,

      I love your name for it "Berry Crumble"! I think I'll keep it! I must write it down though cause I'll forget what I did. Yes, I agree with you about the flowers and I was going to make the next rose on the colour change too. Makes it look like a "blush" rose. Pretty. It looks better than in one plain colour. Just a bit of a shame the colour changes are so long in the yarn!

    2. Love your roses....the yarn is lovely.....interestingly, I have been stuck on crochet flowers since Christmas....haven't tatted much but I am going to start something from Jan Stawasz first book that I just got in the mail today.

    3. Which flowers are you making Louine? And I always find Jan Stawasz inspiring.


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