Saturday, 26 October 2013

Bat on a Green Moon...

Inspired by Fox and Jon's stalwart efforts with the mystery doily, I picked mine up again and just completed the third round.  I need to do some catching up, the gals are way ahead of me!

I have not pressed it and the third round does frill a bit so that's why there is a slight overlap at one spot.  I just squashed it under the lid of my scanner.  I think the frilling will resolve itself with the fourth round anyway.

As it is the spooky season, I tatted Marty's bat to decorate my mat.
I went a tad wrong on the wings
(missed a couple of stitches in the centre segment)
but it's still looking pretty good.

Nice pattern.

Best wishes,


  1. like this color and proud all you girls who tried and did so well with this doily, I am so not going to go there! ;)

  2. Your doily looks wonderful!! :)
    Nice bat!! :)

  3. Lovely bat, lovely mat so far, I don't know about being behind yours is looking lovely, the tortoise beat the hare in the end?

  4. Ojej jaki śliczny Batman ;-) Serwetka jest cudna!!
    Pozdrawiam :-)

  5. The designer of this doily must have been an unusual person, you do her honor.

  6. I'm honored -- really! That bat with that incredibly complex doily is an interesting juxtaposition.

    1. Well, it's a thank you very much to you Marty for such a cute bat pattern!

  7. This mystery doily has spread around the world. Great job! = pattern


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