Sunday, 4 August 2013

Beaded Bracelet

Ever since Jane Eborall posted the first of these Starry Button Bracelets, I've really liked them.  Took me a while to get around to tatting one as I have to admit that I don't enjoy working with beads as much as Jane obviously does!

But for this gorgeous pattern, it was worth having to deal with the numerous beads (more than 100 to be strung on each shuttle plus others to be added as you go).

First I thought I'd try just one element.  Then I only had one button that was the right size (and even then I think it was a tad too big) so I played with other centres.

Apologies for my laziness, I didn't sew in the ends...  not yet anyway!

The left one is with a button as per the pattern; for the middle one, I made my own centre with some silver beads and the one on the right has a metal finding in the centre.

After those samples, I thought it was time to tackle a whole bracelet.  I decided to use the bronze findings (no more buttons of the right size!) and so thought that Lizbeth Autumn Spice would look good with the bronze.  I am limited in my stash of beads so the only ones that went with that colour scheme were some red seed beads and some larger green and gold beads.

I have to thank Miranda for the little bronze findings (they were perfect with 8 petals!) - she had kindly sent me a selection of findings a while ago and I'm glad I found something nice to use some of them for.  I so appreciate it when people send me stuff even though sometimes it can take a while before I find just the right thing for them.

They're not really colours I wear unfortunately but they look good together, yes?

I managed to go wrong in a few places but now I've got the design figured out so the next one will be better.  Definitely need a trip to the bead shop tomorrow.

I love the pattern Jane!

Best wishes,


  1. Must add to this post that Frivole pointed out several missing 'things' on the pattern!!! Thanks for your help and I love what you've done.

  2. Agree with my sister that you have done some great things with this pattern. I haven't attempted it myself yet (which is unusual when it comes to Jane's patterns)

  3. Wow really nice job, and I can see where the findings work out better, I'm sure I am going to have a hard time finding the right buttons.

  4. Lovely! The pattern is waiting for me too, great to see your start in my kind of colours.

  5. Yes, indeed! Looks wonderful. Interesting to see your experiments with different centres because it's not always easy to find exactly the right button. I like your middle one too.

  6. It's a lovely pattern and I love your experiments on the pattern.
    Your bracelet look gorgeous and the colours are wonderful
    Well done on your different approach and finding a way around not have the right size button.

  7. This looks pretty advanced for a newbie tatter, but still creates some ideas!

  8. Fabulous!!! Everything looks wonderful!! :)


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