Friday, 9 August 2013

Finished Bracelet... and more

I've carried on playing with Jane's pattern and completed the first bracelet in autumn colours.  I ended up adding a flat back pearl in the centre as I wasn't completely convinced I liked the look of the brass findings on their own... they seemed a bit unfinished to me.  I do like it with the pearls though.

I think they really finish the look.
I found some bronze pearls which I ordered today
and they would probably look even better
with this colour scheme.

I like this design so much I started another bracelet straight away.  All the beads give this lace jewellery a nice weight and it's a lovely piece to wear.

The bracelet is called "Starry Button Bracelet" but I think I will stick with my buttonless version of it.  I like working with the metal findings and I like the look.

Here's a blue one:

The first two were made with variegated threads so I decided to use a plain colour for the next one.

Here's the last one... and my favourite so far.  I have a slightly different arrangement for the beads and the way they are placed around the centre finding.  

This is plain green thread with five different colours of beads,
plus a centre pearl.

I'm pleased with the idea for an alternative centre I've come up with and plan on using it for a future design.  The pearl in the centre makes it look like little flowers...

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  1. They are gorgeous ! I really like your version best too, as I just don't care that much for buttons (personal preference). I don't like to wear jewelry and can't stand to have something on my wrists... Not even long shirts! Or I would be making a bunch of these! Simply stunning Ü

  2. Really beautiful bracelets! I'm putting the pattern on my to-do list.

  3. they're really outstanding! The green one is my favourite as well! Jane's pattern is amazing!

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  5. I like your bracelets, not fond of buttons in jewellery but the idea of doodads and beads appeal to me.
    Lovely olouts I love the blue one

  6. All of your bracelets are beautiful, but I am rather partial to the blue one. ;-)

  7. Super pretty. I'm not fond of buttons, but I like the "doo dad" idea. Earrings? Pendant? Full necklace? I'd love to see a pattern with your modifications if it were OK with Jane.

  8. Lovely bracelets! I can't wait to see what you come up with next :)

  9. They're beautiful! I really like the pearls in the center.

  10. The pearls in the center are perfect! The green bracelet is my favorite but it's certainly hard to choose. These are wonderful!

  11. Those are so very beautiful!!!! :)

  12. These are so gorgeous! Each one is a perfect blend of color and beads! I find it neat that they are tatted 'around the horn' so to speak, rather than as individual motifs. Brilliant design. Wish I felt confident about bead work! Beautiful tatting, and nice alternative to the buttons.

  13. These variations are absolutely GORGEOUS!


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