Saturday, 26 January 2013

More Victorian Trellis Doily - and New Video

I'm still enjoying working on this doily.  I'm now on the 7th round.  I particularly like the fact that it is entirely made of chains - so no reloading of the shuttle required!  And no winding and unwinding of the shuttle to move between chains and rings and vice-versa.  All this makes for quick tatting.

Actually, on row 6, the pattern did call for a small ring but I decided to carry on using mock rings instead so you always work with the right side of the tatting facing you and don't have to flip your whole piece backwards and forwards as you would to reverse work.

The 6th round was not blocked so it looks a bit uneven in the photo but as before, the large rings are now being stabilised by the 7th round which adds more Victorian sets and small flowers between the large rings.  

This last round looks a bit like hearts...

Since I was making Victorian sets and mock rings in this doily, I thought it would be a good opportunity for a new video.  This shows the 6th round.

The embedded video is small but if you click on the
bottom right-hand corner icon (the little arrows), it will
make the video full screen (though the picture will be slightly less clear).
Or if you click on the Youtube icon, 
it will take you over to Youtube to watch it in larger format also.

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  1. So pretty! I agree, flipping the work for all those smaller rings would be super annoying. I like to avoid the winding/ rewinding of shuttles between ring and chain whenever possible.

  2. So pretty and you are so fast!
    Fox : )

  3. I saw on the Youtube! It's beautiful!

  4. That is looking so pretty!!! :) I saw those hearts before I read that you thought they looked like hearts. That's so cool!! :)

  5. it is a wonderful pattern. And your tatting is impeccable. :)

  6. This video is perfect in every way! In my new smaller tablet, it takes up the entire screen and is sharp and clear! I can see every movement with clarity!

    And, of course, your tatting is perfect! It's a wonderful representation of the slip/slide method with a bobbin shuttle and hook. You are bringing this antique pattern back to life!

  7. Your doily is coming along nicely. It is going to be very nice when you are finished. I liked the video, you are I tat very much alike both in slip & slid and in our techniques. nice to see some one else's tatting.

  8. Your doily is looking beautiful, and it's nice to have a pattern with all chains, makes a change from rings.
    Looking forward to seeing when you have done some more.

  9. Il est magnifique ce napperon et c'est vrai que nous pouvons y voir des coeurs!!! Merci pour cette vidéo parfaite qui nous aide tant ...

  10. Very beautiful tatting. I liked the video very much.

  11. It will be a beautiful work. I admire.

  12. It is looking spectacular and your video is really great for clarifying tatting the sets and how you are doing the rings as chains..... it makes it all look much less intimidating.

  13. A fantastic design, and I love the way you use mock rings. Thanks so much for the video.


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