Thursday 12 July 2012

Anybody Inspired?

"Lock Chain Motif" which is what my new pattern is temporarily called is a very boring name!  Is anyone inspired to name the pattern?  It's just about done and ready to go.  If someone comes up with a lovely name I decide to use, they can have the pattern for free.

Does anyone want to play?

Best wishes,


  1. Minuet or Menuet...whichever spelling you like. It was dance for two (in this case colors) made up of small delicate steps. I think it would be an appropriate name for this motif, with it's lovely and delicate dance between two colors.

  2. I love Julie's suggestion!

    All I can come up with is Twisted Chain Snowflake, which just doesn't seem like a name you would choose for a motif.

    I'm looking forward to reading all the possible names!

  3. It looks a bit like a ship's wheel to me so maybe "Locked Wheel" or "Locked Steering"???
    Whatever you choose it looks great.

  4. I really like Minuet too. But I was thinking it reminded me of an Aurora Borealis. The colors dance and play together, intertwining with a North Star in the middle. It reminds me of when my dad was in the Navy too. The gold makes me think of the braids on the sholders and hats of the officers. A General's Snowflake. :-) (like a four star general, you look like you have 4 stars sitting inside each other).

  5. Well...It reminds me a navy theme so I would call a Mariner Star but Minuet is a perfect option!

  6. I love the design and I think I would call it Splendor(just my thought). :)

  7. I'm not a football fan but the colors you've chosen are the local team's so I think Viking Star might be it.

    Okay, Julie's name is significantly better...

    1. Michelle, that is exactly what I thought as I looked at it. and I was going to suggest it. thanks

  8. The pattern is beautiful! I can't wait untill you make it available. I'm not sure if it's just the colours, but I have to agree with Fatima and the nautical feel, but it also reminds me of a marriage in that each person is still an individual and stands strong in their own right, but their lives are intertwined as one. So I think perhaps Nautical Nuptuals?

  9. What about Enola Star. It reminds me of a star in the sky just being born into the world. The Patterns is really beautiful!!! Look forward to when the patterns is available.

  10. I thought of a Ferris Wheel, so I'm saying Ferris Wheel Flake or Ferris Flake. (That said, I'm just about as scared of trying a lock chain as I am of Ferris Wheels, so maybe the name was borne of fear? LOL. I really do need to get over my fears and try new techniques.)

    Stephanie Grace

  11. Oh my, 'Minuet' is perfect!

  12. It reminds me of some of the fireworks that were set off last week.
    So I am going to suggest StarFire

  13. The Moresque - what do you think?

    Just because these lovely striped parts remind me on Moresque buildings in Spain:)
    And of course stars are very frequent decorative motifs in muslim art.

  14. All the suggestions have been spot on, so it was difficult to think of something different.
    In the end I have come up with Catherine Wheel, as I agree with Trayna that it looks like a ships wheel and Ladytats that it reminds me of a firework. Also St. Catherine is supposed to be the the patron saint of tatters, who the firework is named after.

  15. Lovely suggestions mine is Star Burst Snowflake.
    Great pattern, and lovely colours

  16. Nieve del Mar (snow of the sea). Since it has 6 sides, like a snowflake, but it looks a lot like the wheel to steer a ship.


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