Thursday, 20 July 2017

Soldiering On... and Meeting!

One more round completed.  Just two left!  It looks like I might make it to the end of this doily quicker than I expected.  Still, you don't know what can happen before completion of these two final rounds...  I could easily get side-tracked by something else...

And I'm delighted to say that I tatted some of that last row whilst sitting with Michelle of Telamagistrae!  She was in the UK visiting a friend and we found out we were not so far from each other.  We arranged a get-together and had a very enjoyable few hours together, chatting, tatting, sharing tips, eating and drinking!  It was lovely to meet her.

Best wishes,


  1. How fun! I will get to spend time with Michelle next week. I enjoy spending time with tatting friends.

  2. Your doily is a work of art already!!! :)
    That is so cool that you got to meet up with Michelle!!

  3. What a big project !!! I never dared to try such a big doily... for the moment... The problem is that I'm always tempted to try new techniques ! (since this last weeks it's needle lace Aemilia ars).
    I don't want to spoil your pleasure, but it seems that the last round is not connected to the previous one with the same picots on the right angle compared to the left one. I don't know if I'm right, but your work is so smooth and regular as always, so this little distotion at this point caught my eye.
    I'm looking forward to see the completed chef-d'oeuvre !!
    Best wishes
    PS : at this point, I'm a little ashamed to leave a comment to spot a possible mistake, since I don't leave comments so often, but I love your work and hope it will help to make it even more perfect !! ;)

    1. Bonsoir Gilles,
      I'm not sure I understand where you mean but I do agree with you that the last round is not very well centred if you look at where the ring goes into the curve of the chain of the previous round, is that what you mean? It is connected in the right place but does need some blocking to make it look more symmetrical. There was no other picot to connect to as there are so few in either rounds so I'm pretty sure it's connected in the right place but is just not quite sitting perfectly in place. I hope that's what you see!

  4. It was so wonderful to meet you! The picture simply does not do justice to this doily, it's absolutely glorious!

  5. How wonderful to meet up with another tatter and blogger in person! When you're that close to the end, it's tempting to keep at it and get the job done. Are they complicated rounds?

    1. Hi Jane, yes you're right. The next round is really simple again, just a small ring and a chain. The last round is a bit more complex, nothing difficult but just a wider row. I'm getting there!

  6. How lovely to meet her in person, I hope she is enjoying the UK.
    The doily is looking lovely

  7. :)))))
    Doily is gorgeous!

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  9. Your doily is beautiful. I'm jealous of your meeting with Michelle! I so wish I could have joined you - sounds like you had a wonderful visit :)


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