Thursday, 26 January 2017

Clever Ninetta


Ninetta shared this pattern in December and I've just seen it on her blog.  I immediately had to take a break from the previous piece to tat this straight away.

I made a bit of a mess with the bugle beads on this, my first attempt; I didn't take them consistently from the same shuttle and therefore sometimes the thread is on one side of the bugle bead and sometimes on the other and I made a couple of mistakes in the centre part.  But I really like the idea of block tatting with bugle beads and the diamond shapes too.

I've not blocked it and so it's not quite symmetrical and I should have taken more time to smooth the curves of the chains before scanning it to do it more justice.  I also found that I had slightly too much tension on the last round and I think I might need a couple more stitches to give the diamonds a bit more room.  But that may be because my bugle beads were a tad longer than Ninetta's.  I'll try it again with different beads.

I also took a photo to try to show the nice colour mix in the bugle beads (copper, purple, blue, green)... like a pool of petrol on the street.  Not sure if it's more obvious on the photo below?

Pretty cool design - Thank you Ninetta!

Ninetta is always coming up with new and clever ideas with her designs.  Can't wait to see what she'll tat up next!

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  1. Sbrillucicante for sure! Love the colors, very nice!

  2. Sbrillucicante! Love it. It's beautiful! Been wanting to tat one too. Now you've brought it back into the cue for me! Brilliant choice of beads--sbrillucicante, even!
    Katie V in NC USA

  3. It's beatiful, I love the colour of your beads, Ninetta does some brilliant tatting and this is one of her best designs, it's on my ever growing list to do

  4. I'm glad you've used Ninetta's pattern. It's magnificent. She's done really good work with bugle beads.

  5. Looking very good to me and yes the colour combination is amazing

  6. Wahou ! Vraiment magnifique avec ces perles !


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