Thursday, 26 September 2013


I love this little edging.  It's vintage, it's a classic.  I've tatted it a few times already and it's always satisfying.  This time I'm doing it in size 40 thread and will use it to edge a handkerchief.

I have scaled it down a bit with shorter chains and now I just need to come up with a corner for it.  The thread is Purple Iris Fusion with Leaf Green Med.

This pretty edging can be found in many vintage publications, one of them being the Tatter's Treasure Chest.  I first made a hanky with it some years ago (photo below), then a doily for my mother-in-law (can't find a picture of that one at the moment) and then I liked it so much I made another doily for our house too.

I've still got the Mystery Doily on the go too and am now tatting the third round.  But I felt I needed something else "lighter" to work on at the same time.  And of course, in the background there is also the Butterfly Doily!  Oh yes, fear not, I will get to the end eventually!

Oh, and I have just uploaded another video on how to cover a plastic (or metal) ring with tatting.  This was one of the requests I had when I asked what videos people would like me to make.  I hope you'll find the sound is a bit better on this one.  I still find the talking business difficult though... it seems simple but it's not that easy to continuously speak clearly and make sure all your words make sense and describe well what you are doing!  I mumble a bit occasionally and as you can see, generally, I've a long way to go!  I won't be hired as a BBC presenter any time soon!

Best wishes,


  1. Dear Frivole, I really loved this cybersilence! It means that you also face challenges. ( devillish laughter). Of courseI have what the French call 'un mauvais caractère'. But on the other hand,the fact that there can still be in tatting something you struggle with, is funny , and 'sympathique'.
    Thank you, in the name of humankind for your videos. I think everybody should learn to tat. There are things that are impossible to learn from a diagram. For me that is 'climbing out of a ring to the next level without cutting a thread', the catherine wheel. and of course World Peace.
    Yes, that edging is pure beauty and it gives peace of mind, when you make it, and when you look at it.

  2. Ohhh, this edging is so pretty. In all the colours.
    Fox : )

  3. That edging is beautiful!!! :) And it seems that you can use any color and it still looks fabulous!!! :)

  4. Lovely edging! Great video(which I didn't need but am pretending we were sitting in a cafe and you were showing me, in England- still so sad about that!)

  5. Excited to check out the video and finally try this myself!

  6. You really did an excellent job on the video! The sweet vintage edging has always been a favorite of mine, too.

  7. I like the way you have adapted the edging to your needs. I never thing of shortening chains or changing the size of rings. I blindly follow patterns and ditch them when they don't work, I just ditch them. I think I need to develop an attitude like yours!

    Thank you for providing another video. I find them very useful!

  8. Precioso y el cambio de colores es hermoso.Besos.

  9. Lovely edging, and very pretty colours, I have a hanky which would suit that edging perfectly.

  10. Love the video and that edging, is always fun I do, I also minimize so edgings that thought were too big too!


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