Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Fair Production

Here are a few of the things I made for the Craft Fair and which remained, for the most part, unsold!  I think I'll stick to shuttles and patterns in future...

I sold some of the tiny butterfly clips...
(they were really cheap!)

but that's about it.

Simple Flower Necklace

And another...

A selection of earrings

and a hairband with real pearls in the flowers.

To be fair, I made new things (lots of butterfly clips for example) but I also used a lot of "bits & bobs" I'd tatted and stored away in a box, many of those being these layered flowers you see.  I hadn't realised how many I had made!

I made "Square Elegance" into this dramatic necklace
which looks really good on, with the wide ribbon.
I also had a purple version of it.

There were other necklaces too, of various designs and some brooches.  I did have many nice comments, but very few purchases were made.  Hardly any at all in fact.  And to think I spent quite a lot of my holiday time making things and preparing!

Oh well, win some, loose some and all that...

Best wishes,


  1. The square elegance necklace is particularly stunning! I have found craft fairs to be largely disappointing over the years, no matter what I have to sell at the time, and what you had to sell was/is beautiful. I think people tend to browse but not buy for some reason at those type of venues.

  2. It's all lovely- I especially like the square elegance. I had a similar experience with craft fair. I don't know the solution- are the people who go like me who are looking for ideas? Are they just low budget types looking for a free afternoon? Are they too practical for lacy things but can admire them? Who knows?

  3. I did craft fairs with my mom about 35 years ago, and we experienced the same thing. Now, I make things for my own enjoyment. I'm much happier!

  4. All really beautiful but wow your necklace is stunning and those butterfly clips are beond cute!!

  5. Śliczne spinki, moja córka byłaby zachwycona.
    Pozdrawiam serdecznie.

  6. I know the feeling. Very disappointing after all your preparation. I used to sell handspun sweaters and yarns very successfully at craft fairs, but I haven't had much luck selling tatting that way. (Or any other way, for that matter!)

  7. I am afraid that's how things are going at the moment, not a lot of money around and they seem to only spend on a gift or the kids, anything for themselves is not happening. Don't give up some months are better than others I have changed markets although in the same place and I have done a little better. It also depends on the weather and what else is on in the area.
    I love your hair clips and I am surprised not more of those sold, can I ask you a question how do you attach the tatting to the clip?

  8. What a pity. How about putting them in your Etsy shop?

    I love the yellow clip in the first photo!

  9. Votre médaillon Square Elegance est vraiment magnifique et original.
    J'aime beaucoup l'idée de la fleur en métal centrale.
    Je vous souhaite meilleure chance la prochaine fois !


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