Thursday, 12 July 2012

Thank You!

What wonderful people you all are!  Thank you so much for all the lovely suggestions and poetic descriptions.  It's made it really hard to make a choice!
                                                                                                        Motif 12 of 25-motif challenge
Here are all the suggestions:

Twisted Chain Snowflake
Locked Wheel/Locked Steering
Mariner Star
Royal Starburst
Viking Star
Nautical Nuptuals
Enola Star
Ferris Wheel/Ferris Flake
Viking Wheel/Viking Helm
The Moresque
Catherine Wheel
Starburst Snowflake
Nieve del Mar

Aren't they great?

I tatted the motif three more times today in different colours and with slight variations.  I agree with many of you that in the dark purple and gold, it has a nautical feel so I wanted to see how it would look in other colours.  I think you would agree that it doesn't look so nautical in the pink and green for example.

And how about in black and white?
Now I must re-do it in reverse (white in the centre
and black for the round with JKs).

And lastly (for today anyway)
in lime green and turquoise
I changed the tips on this one
and I really like the look
so this alternative version
is included in the pattern.

So the name then... there were honestly many I liked but I loved Julie's description.  Her suggestion was the first and as soon as I saw it, I liked it.  But then I thought, no, wait, and see what everyone else comes up with and many were great.  There were also "votes" for Julie's suggestion within the comments of others so I decided to go with that one.

it is.

Best wishes,


  1. It's a great pattern and the name. It's a great name for a great pattern, and the colours well they are gorgeous

  2. Just bought the pattern....what two colors did you use for the green and deep pink one?

    1. Hi Louine,

      I did send you an email as well: the colours are Leafy Greens (138) and Raspberry Pink Med. (624).

    2. Thank you....the colors you choose just look great, I will had them to my next thread order.

  3. Minuet is a great name, but sadly you did not put mine in your list Catherine Wheel so I thought at first that I had won, but disappointment then prevailed sigh!

    1. So sorry Sally! I thought I'd put everyone's in there! I did read them all. I just missed it out when I copied. Sorry for the disappointment...

    2. Many thanks, easierly done when going down a list of comments.

  4. Perfect name for a perfectly pretty motif!

  5. They are all so awesome!!! I think one in a red, white and green would make a great one for Christmas too!! :)

  6. LOVE the name AND the pattern. Thanks so much for all your work!


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