Sunday, 29 July 2012

Still Interlocking...

I played with the pattern a bit to come up with something that looked "fuller" with the shuttles, like Rachel's design does with the needle.

What do you think?  An improvement?

Motif 16 of 25-motif challenge

But don't look too closely... I still got that last interlocking ring wrong!  I don't know why it's so difficult to get right; it's like I've got a mental block about it.  It all works fine until that last ring which needs to connect to two other rings (with one side going over and one side going under).

Oh dear...
More work required despite all the tatting shrapnel that litters my work table!

Hope you're all having a nice weekend.

Best wishes,


  1. I love the added bits... they do make it fuller! I would not have looked for the last ring if you hadn't mentioned it. Just goes to show how much I admire your work!

  2. I agree Diane! For me it's lovely! I hope some day I could do something this.

  3. Looking good! I think you're doing great. Interlocking rings take LOTS of practice, but once you get the "feel" for them, work up fast. Thanks for doing such a wonderful job with the pattern!!!

  4. It does look better, well done. Seems like a tricky technique!

  5. And dear friend, I had to laugh as i sit here looking at my own littered table of tatting shrapnel. In fact I keep a little box full of it to remind me that we are not perfect, but we keep trying. Big ol' hug......

  6. Oooohh!!!Superbe!! J'aimerais y arriver même avec une erreur car si vous ne l'aviez pas mentionné je ne l'aurais pas vu!!
    Que c'est difficile!!!

  7. I have the same trouble but I have just read Jons blog and I think I have got it, Not had time to play since I posted last Friday. I put a link to your blog on my post about the interlocking rings.
    I think your mofit is beautiful, ok I can see what you meant but well done so far

  8. In spite of your littered desk, you're managing to go beyond the rings and expand into a bigger design - even though the last ring isn't correct. You're definitely advancing!

    I also have shrapnel all over the place, plus I have a sore wrist, and have yet to get TO the last ring. I find that I have to make at least 25 ds (size 20 thread) before the rings are big enough for me to manipulate into place. Is it possible to rewind the shuttle for the last ring? I'm not confident about finger tatting!

    I'm glad that Rachel (even though doing this with the needle) agrees that it does takes practice. This reminds me of how I felt when learning how to tat!

  9. 'Tatting Shrapnel!' I love it and I know the feeling! Too Funny! I've really enjoyed your posts on interlocking rings! Your motifs are beautiful! Congrats on mastering them!

  10. I think your motif looks really great!!! :)

  11. j'aime beaucoup ! je trouve que l'association des couleurs est tout-à-fait réussie : on dirait un bijou ancien ...
    Bravo et bonne continuation


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