Monday 7 December 2020

Baby Blanket

My sister just had her first baby!  We're all so excited.  Except that she ended up having her baby early and I'm not ready with my gift.  I started work on a crochet blanket for her but I thought I still had a couple of weeks at least to work on it.  Never mind.  I'll have to be a bit late with my present.

I'm making a Victorian Lattice Square blanket for my new niece.  I really like this pattern which I made once before in green and fuchsia.  I went with a colour I know my sister likes and chose a duck egg blue shade (it looks a bit like baby blue in the photos but it is more duck egg in real life).

So I'm now crocheting furiously to try to get this in the mail this week!  Will I make it?  I'm being further thwarted because I bought all the balls of this colour that my local wool shop had thinking that would be enough... but no.  Luckily I found some online and am waiting for a delivery... hope it comes soon!  I managed to make 14 squares so far.

The little doily from the previous post is now finished.  I will block it and show it to you in the next post.  

I can't believe we're in December already! 

Best wishes,


  1. Ooh, congratulations to your sister and the whole family. Babies are wonderful, and so precious. All my good wishes to your sister and the new baby.

  2. It looks beautiful already, and I am sure it will be greatly treasured and appreciated with the unexpected early arrival!!! :)

  3. How wonderful! There's nothing like a baby to brighten up the day! Best wishes to all!

  4. Herzlichen Glückwunsch für den neuen Erdenbürger und die Familie. Ein Baby ist immer ein wundervolles Geschenk.
    Die Decke wird bestimmt wunderschön und erfreut die Beschenkten auch verspätet
    Herzlichen Glückwunsch an deine Schwester

  5. Congratulations!!! Lucky baby to have such a wonderful family and a lovely blanket! So glad you could find the wool online!


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