Monday 12 October 2020

Snowflake 2020

It's already October... the weather is turning colder and it's making me think of one of my favourite things ever:  snowflakes!  For a few years now, I have created new designs inspired by Wilson Bentley's photographs of real snowflakes (after being gifted his book by a tatting friend) and I have done so again this year.

Below is the photograph that inspired this design.

Of course it's not exactly the same but I hope you can see some similarities.  Real snowflakes have straight lignes and sharp angles which are difficult to reproduce with tatting... but I enjoy a challenge!  In this case I used lock chains for straight lines as well as my 1SSCMR technique for sharp points.

Below are some of the several samples which I discarded
though there are features in each that appeal to me
and which I may use in future designs.

And the name?

I decided to call it 

Pattern coming up very soon!

Best wishes,


  1. Always a feast for the eyes when you post a new snowflake

  2. A beautiful name for a beautiful snowflake!

    1. Thank you very much Diane, glad you like it!

  3. Awesome snowflake!!! :)
    All your tries are wonderful too!! :)

  4. A wonderful "translation" from photo to thread. These will make nice decorations.

  5. Auch dieser Stern ist wieder gelungen !!!!!!
    Der Name gefällt mir gut
    Bin schon auf das Muster gespannt

  6. Beautiful! I'm always excited when you create a new snowflake.


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