Thursday, 6 February 2020

Blue Glazed Tiles

At last, they came back from the kiln!  Here is the first set of tiles, glazed in blue.

I think they look rather nice.  

The tatting pattern for those tiles was a motif that had been in my "box of bits" for a long time, I'd need to search my books to remember where it was from. 

I don't know why I'd not used one of my own patterns from the beginning so as soon as I made this first batch, I already wanted to use some of my snowflake patterns to make more moulds.  I used Ice Queen, Qanik, a version of Crystal Star I'd made at the testing stage, Astrila and Calixa for my new moulds.  They have now been bisque-fired and ready to use!  I'm hoping to go later this week and make new tiles with those moulds.

I might try a set of square tiles too.  The hexagons look great but you have the problem of not getting a straight line when you put them together so if you wanted to line a specific area, you might want to have little triangles and half tiles to fill the gaps?  

Best wishes,


  1. Those look fabulous! It will be fun to see what you do with them!

    1. Thank you Diane! :-)
      I'm going to save them for a display at our end of year show for now... but definitely will be installing them in our house afterwards... perhaps as a backsplash for the sink in our bathroom?

  2. It's a great idea an great to go from one medium to the next and use tatting 😁🦋😁

    1. Thank you Madtatter, it was my plan to explore as many new ways as possible to use tatting! :-)

  3. Awesome!!! :) Love the blue tiles!!! :)

  4. I think they look rather nice too! More than that.... they are gorgeous!

  5. Wunderschön
    Die blaue Farbe gefällt mir sehr gut.
    Es macht großen Spaß,sie zu sehen und immer neue Sterne dabei
    Danke für's Zeigen


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