Sunday 2 December 2018

Twinkle Cabochon Variations

I was recently shown an "ice drop" version of my Twinkle Twinkle pattern that a lady made in the "Ice Drop Addicts" Facebook group.  It looked really pretty.

I think she had used a 12mm cabochon for hers but I did not have any that size so I went with what I had, and tried it with a 20mm flatback rhinestone cabochon.

I think my centre is a bit too big but it set me off trying variations on that theme.

I have played with cabochons before (see this post) but realise now I think I forgot to take notes!  Silly me.  I can't remember my stitch counts so will have to try to examine my photos closely to figure it out.

Anyway, this time around again I was keen to see more of the cabochons so I went with my smaller-rings-longer-picots style for the front side.

Here is a very quick pattern for them if you are interested:

I make both sets of rings at the same time in the first round.  I was working on a video of this pattern yesterday but sadly it didn't work out very well and I'm having to re-film it.  But I hope to have one uploaded very soon.

First Round:
R3--3--3 (picots made with a 8mm gauge), dnrw and with same shuttle R8-2-8 (very small picots)
Fold two rings back to back and tat C4-1--1-4 (graduated picots), rw
R3+3--3  (second picot made with 8mm gauge)
With the other shuttle R8+2-8, rw
Continue like this all the way around, not forgetting to join the last rings on both sides.  The last ring on the back is a bit fiddly to accomplish but it's do-able!  :-)
Join back at the beginning.  Dnrw.
Second Round:
C5-2-2-2, SCMR3-1--1-3, carry on with C2-2-2-5, join at base of small ring.
Repeat all around.  Cut tie, hide ends (or use magic loops, inserting them in the first and last chains of the second round).

If you prefer not to use a SCMR, you can use a regular thrown ring instead but the points will be rounded.  Here is what the motif looks like with thrown rings:

I can't believe it's December already!  

... keep an eye out, I'm thinking of doing a Christmas giveaway very soon.

Best wishes,


  1. Twinkle works very well as an ice drop.

  2. Ooh, I love it! I was going to come home and quietly finish a WIP tonight but now I must find a 20mm cabochon! Through the blizzard and ice I shall set forth...

    It turned out beautifully!

  3. Those are fabulous!!! :)
    Thank you for sharing your pattern!!

  4. Very beautiful and thank you for the pattern 😀

  5. Das ist wunderschön.Danke für das Teilen des Musters
    Ich muss gleich mal meinen Perlenvorrat inspirieren und dann probieren

  6. Those are stunning!! Thank you so much for the pattern.

  7. I found some cabochons that are on their way to me so I can use your beautiful pattern! These will adorn my tree, along with a couple that were gifted to me.
    Thank you, many times!

  8. I thank you for uploading your lessons. To me, they are very clear and precise and well spoken. I am fascinated and enjoying all the hard work you have put out on YouTube. The end results are very beautiful to see. I am intrigued about using the tatting around the cabochon. Would you have a moment please to explain how you arrive at the correct number of rings and chains to place around the stone to have it successfully hold the cabochon in place. Thank you.

  9. Oh I do love being able to see more of the Cab. Ice drops are nice for the plain beads but this pattern really shows off the prettier ones as well as being a beautiful setting. Thanks !


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