Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Braiding in the Garden

Oooh, it's been so hot!  It's still hot.  Well, hot for the UK anyway.  I did try to modify the tatting pattern from the previous post but didn't get to a satisfactory solution (without spending a lot more time on it).  So I'm afraid that one's been put on hold for now.

For a change of scene, I decided to make a few braided bracelets.  Something really easy, that doesn't require any thinking - perfect in this hot weather.

Just a bit of simple fun...
which results in rather nice braids.

I've also been working on the crochet bag pattern (which was a lot harder and took a lot longer than expected).  I think I'm getting there with it.  One of my readers kindly offered to test the pattern for me and I've been making several samples so I could take photos and make sure everything corresponds, makes sense, is clear enough to understand.  Like many crafts, it can be really hard to clearly describe in words what you are doing with your hands.  

I've not made so many blogposts lately.  Children are now on holidays so having a bit less time for online activities but I'm enjoying a house full!

How are you?  Is it hot where you are too?  

Best wishes,


  1. The bracelets are really fun. Yes, I’ve also been working on something that doesn’t require too much attention. Though here it has been very cold, rather than hot.

  2. Great bracelets!! I like all the different designs!! :)
    It's been pretty hot here lately, but we have had more of a roller coaster of temps here, major ups and downs-it's been a strange spring and summer.

  3. I do love making braids with a Kumihimo disk! They make great drawstrings. Yes, it's been hot here, but we've been lucky to have temperature dips here and there so that it's not unbearable. Enjoy your time with the children!

  4. Lovely braided bracelets,
    I have given up knitting until it’s cooler and taken up embroidery for now,

  5. It is definitely much hotter here in Romania too. Wow, I have never seen that method of braiding, I will have to look it up. the bracelets are really pretty!

  6. Beautiful braided bracelets! I find Kumihimo so relaxing :).


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