Thursday 1 March 2018

Edging with Corner

I made a video for the handkerchief edging.  It needs quite a bit of editing before I can upload it but in the meantime, you can find the pattern here if you wish to make it.  It's adapted from a vintage edging, in the "Hen & Chick" vein but slightly different.

I modified the corner from the version in green I made on the hanky.  It wasn't symmetrical and that bothered me so I played with it a bit and came up with a better corner.

I pinned my versions on cardboard to make sure the angle was right and there was no pulling or frilling when going around the corner.  I tried a few different versions before settling on probably the simplest, which is the one in yellow below.

I hope you'll enjoy making this simple edging if you decide to make it.
I do like working one shuttle designs as I find them easy and relaxing,
with no re-winding of shuttles required.

Best wishes,


  1. Beautiful !!! I've made this edging in black for my satin green kaftan. I needed it to be oval shaped and it was easy to get it with a wee bit of BTS variation.

  2. Thanks, just what I need for a 'handbag tatting' project.

  3. Thankyou always nice to haveca corner worked out nicely💖😄💖

  4. Danke für das Teilen. Es ist wunderbar für eine Decke.

  5. Lovely edging and thank you for giving us a link to the pattern,

  6. I love one shuttle patterns! This edging looks stunning. Thank you so much for the pattern and the video!


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