Wednesday 24 January 2018

Still Overcome...

... by sock madness!  As mentioned, I have several birthdays coming up and they're getting socks!  So look away for a while if you're a tatter and are bored by my socks (but please don't go away altogether as I will be back to tatting soon!).  This is the pair from the previous post which is now completed. The heel I tried in the end is the "Fish Lips Kiss Heel" - what a name!

Wool is Opal Rainforest "The Discoverer".

Here's a close-up of the heel. 
Not bad but I do find this type of heel doesn't give enough room at the instep.
I reserve judgment on the special stitch she uses and will
have to make a side-by-side comparison with other techniques
such as the German short-row.

I'm trying the next pair with a contrasting heel again,
but I will add a few stitches before turning the heel
to try to improve fit in that area.

Wool is Head Over Heels "Ingleborough"
by Stylecraft

Best wishes,


  1. Your heels look neat, to make pretty socks. I had to make adjustments to the afterthought heel too to get a good fit.

  2. I love the great colors of your socks!!! :)

  3. Good luck with adjustments! I’m especially loving the colors of the just started socks. (My birthday is in August...just kidding!)

  4. Wow impressive i just started knitting baby socks and thats a big deal for me, wish me luck 💟🌹💟 all of yours look so perfect 😍

  5. I love your socks! I'm no good at innovating, especially with socks. If the pattern doesn't work as it is, it's not for me. I'm glad you're having fun with socks, because I am enjoying looking at them!

  6. Love the socks, they look beautiful.
    I'm not going I enjoy your too much

  7. Your socks are beautiful, makes me want to pick up the needles again.

  8. Beautiful socks! I have never tried knitting 2 at once.

  9. Beautiful Socks! I also saw some nice socks at


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