Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Much Better!

Robin was right:  I was not reading the pattern properly.  That's because it's written in a rather unusual way; instead of numbering picots, it numbers segments between picots so I was making one too many picots (and extras stitches) in several places!  In the end I actually stopped reading the written pattern and just referred to the photo for the right number of picots and where to join them.

I still kept my chain reversed the other way between repeats and I added just a few more stitches to it to give a bit more space between repeats.  I think it will work out this time.

It's now lying flat and the shape is good and it looks like the eight repeats will fit just right.  I look forward to starting on the second round and I do love the fact that it will be continuous!

Thanks again for your helpful comments.

Best wishes,


  1. It looks wonderful! I'm glad Robin was able to help out. Tatters are the best!

    P.S. ~ I love the blue shuttle!

  2. It does look wonderful!!! I'm glad it's working and am now putting a note in my book about the numbering. What an interesting method.

  3. Looking lovely so far, well done for preserving

  4. It's looking amazing already!!! :)

  5. Looks like it's working much better this time! It will be interesting to see how the finished doily looks with the reversed chains.

  6. Looks like it's working out!

    I just now found the book in my stash and also found notes I wrote in the book in pencil(!)back in the '90s for the pattern on the cover. I had to rewrite the pattern and do a quick diagram of part of it when I realized the 'odd' way of indicating the number of picots. Even so, I only finished two 'repeats' of the pattern and used it in a frame to portray a 'basket' image! I think I was happy I made it that far in the early days of my tatting.

    The book is 'known' for the portraits of the fancy ladies (amazing hairdos and clothes!) with their shuttles, which are no doubt 'knotting' shuttles.
    It is kind of vague as to what was coming off those shuttles!

    And I'm glad you've shown these pieces that you've done, because I had no idea where that pattern started! It does make an amazing 'journey'! Wonder why they didn't at least show an arrow pointing to the first ring!

  7. I'm glad you got it sorted. That explains why you thought some rings were different while I was reading them as the same. I think this notation was typical of the period. We were all getting used to numbers and symbols rather than words. Everyone was doing it slightly differently. Even in this pattern some rings are written in full and some using "x" as if they could not quite make up their mind how best to do it. Thanks for inspiring me to make this again. I have posted a picture on my long forgotten rings-n-chains.blogspot.co.uk


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