Friday, 12 February 2016

Another Pretty One

This heart is by Edda Guastalla and another one I like very much.  To my eyes, it has a very nice, "classic" heart shape.  If you fancy tatting something quicker than Susan Fuller's from the previous post, this one is smaller and quite a quick tat.  There is a little bit of tension for me around the top of the heart and the trefoil but nothing that isn't easily fixed with a slight burst of steam.  I have adjusted the chains on each side of the SCMR at the tip so that it is straighter than in Edda's original (just needs one fewer stitch on one side).

I have tatted this fs/bs
but with RODS
and not with reverse stitches
so that I could tat from the ball and not waste any precious HDT!

The thread is by NAGstudio on Etsy.  It's a very pretty mix of pastel colours, it reminds me of those sweet necklaces I use to love as a child.

Please let me know about your favourite tatted hearts.  I'd love to discover new ones I have not tatted before.  

Best wishes,


  1. Lovely heart, not seen this pattern before thanks for sharing a link for the pattern,
    My favourite heart I don't really have a favourite but if I was pushed Butterfly heart by Irene Woo

    1. Oh yes you're right Margaret - that's a very pretty one too. I should get my pattern out and tat it.

  2. That is a great heart and it does resemble the candy necklace a bit!! :)

  3. This is a pretty one. It reminds me that things don't have to be complicated to look nice! I'm curious about the use of the SCMR. Did you find a benefit to using a SCMR as opposed to a floating ring (with your extra half stitch anchoring technique)?

  4. This heart is beautiful! Podoba mi się! :)

  5. A very pretty heart in lovely thread. It has a very spring-y look to it.

  6. Lovely! I was tatting this pattern the other day and also struggled with the rings at the top because of the tension from multiple joins. Any thoughts on how to alter the pattern to reduce this? I think longer joining picots, but not sure if other changes would be needed.

  7. A couple "heart-shaped" hearts you might like (I just looked up sources for my Valentine's Day post). Sorry for the ugly links, it won't let me imbed URLs:
    Rosemarie's Heart Pattern by Rosemarie Peel (
    Valentine's Heart by Etha Schuette (
    Kelly Dunn's Little Flower Heart ( - I used your 1S SSMR for the tips and it worked quite nicely
    Valentina from "Tatting Adventures with beads, shuttle & needle" by Judith Connors (if you have the book)
    Immortal Heart by Rebecca Diamond aka Tatmom (

    1. Thank you very much Sarah, I will go have a look at these now! :-)


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