Saturday 3 October 2015

Starting Early

For a change, I started early on some Christ…. oh no!  I don't like to say that word before November if I can help it!  I'm always last minute and no doubt this will be the case this year too but I have started on some that require time to complete.  The first one is this red scarf (I won't say who it's for in case she sees my blog).

I always find reds incredibly hard to photograph and this scarf was no exception!
I must have taken 20 photos trying to get the right shade of red to show.
This was the best.  And it's pretty close I think.
I like a bright cherry red.
And I think it will suit the person it's destined for too.

Then I decided I want to make a blanket for my daughter who is away studying.  We have a couple of crochet blankets that reside in our living room and they have been well used and loved.  I thought she would like one of her own, to keep herself warm and cosy when she is studying.

I spent ages trying to decide on the pattern… and then the colours!!  I just couldn't make up my mind.  In the end, I chose this really wonderful colour-changing yarn which I am pleased with.  Each motif is like a little surprise as you don't know how the colours are going to work out.  I chose a burgundy red for the centre (a colour she really likes - not looking quite accurate in the photo again) and a petrol blue for the main colour.  I will pick up the motif colours in the widish border I plan to make at the end.  The motif is the "Sunburst Granny Square" pattern.  I think it looks bright and cheerful and I hope she'll like it.

In my madness, I also started another blanket - this one will be smaller - for a new baby we are expecting in the family in November (no, no, not me just in case you might be wondering!  It's for a cousin).  I really liked this Owl Blanket design and I thought it would be something different from the usual baby blankets.

Last but not least, I was disappointed last year that I did not find the time to create a new snowflake design for 2014.  I do like to send one to friends and family in their Chr*** cards.  I sent them one anyway but it was from a previous design I'd made.  I think it's nice to have a new design for each year.  So I'm working on one for this year.  Work in progress, not happy with it  yet but hopefully I'll have a new pattern done in time!  Cross fingers.

Best wishes,


  1. Gorgeous scarf!!! I love the design!!! :)
    Wonderful blankets!!!! :)
    Beautiful snowflakes!!! : )

  2. That owl blanket is going to be adorable. Also, I can't wait to see your new snowflake design!

  3. That scarf is a gorgeous red, one that my mom would love! No scarves for her, though. She lives in lower Alabama, and it seldom gets cold enough for a scarf. I love the pattern! Is it your own design?

  4. Ei admire your early start! The red is a stunner! Your daughter will love that blanket , gorgeous colors and the owl blank i.e. Will be adorable! I hope you can make a snowflake pattern too. I just made 5 Mirabelles, so lovely!

  5. The time will vanish in a flash and a blurr, that's a lot to have on the go!

  6. Gorgeous scarf, beautiful blanket, I love variate thread/wool it makes such interesting designs in colour that makes any project different.
    I am sure your baby's blanket will look gorgeous owls seem to be the in thing at the moment.
    The snowflake looks like it going to be an interesting pattern

  7. Ein wunderschöner roter Schal. Die Eulendecke gefällt dem Baby bestimmt gut.
    Das Sternenmuster ist sehr interessant.


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