Wednesday 6 February 2013

Anchor Mercer Crochet

A couple of posts ago, Orsi and Maureen mentioned Anchor Mercer Crochet and that I should try it.  What more prompting did I need!  So off I went and ordered some.  I got just two colours to see whether I like it.  Here is one little motif from the Priscilla no. 2 Tatting Book.  Mercer Crochet doesn't have colour names, just long numbers.

It's pretty but I would prefer more gentle colour transitions.
Those colours make me think of Easter...
and it's way to early to think about that!

The other colour I got is a lovely pale grey.  Lizbeth "Silver" is a colour I use often and this Anchor grey looked similar but perhaps paler I think.  Now I see them side by side, there is not much in it... I think I will next tat two of the same motif with the two threads to do a colour and general thread comparison.

So far though, I have to say that I find Anchor Mercer Crochet very nice.  Lovely sheen as can be seen in the photo above.  Pleasure to work with.  Similar to Lizbeth in my opinion.  But unless I can find somewhere else to buy it, Mercer Crochet actually works out more expensive than Lizbeth.

And look what I found!  A couple of days ago, I had to go up in the loft in search of a pattern (a sewing one, not tatting) and whilst going through my boxes... I found this:

One part ball and one brand-new, still wrapped, ball of Anchor Mercer Crocher in size 30!  This thread must be over 25 years old.  And I have a feeling I may have some more hiding up there amongst my old stash of needlework supplies.  I have been making things for as long as I can remember so I've collected a few bits and pieces along the way.  Looking at the wrapping, I now remember that I use to buy this thread regularly when I lived in Canada.  One day, when I feel up to it, I'll have to have another careful search in the loft and perhaps I'll find some more!

I like this pale blue variegated.  It reminds me of "Blue Ice" by Lizbeth.  And I like that it's a size 30.  I shall be using it for some future project.

Best wishes,


  1. Just goes to show, doesn't it that you should never throw anything away! - what a great find.I like size 30 too, I wish Lizbeth came in that weight!

  2. Great motifs in wonderful colors!! :)

  3. Ah, what a little searching can reveal! Perhaps that's the incentive I need to get my sewing room back in order. It would be fun to unearth some forgotten treasures!

  4. Pretty colours. Funny to think that you've had that kind of thread on hand all along!

  5. Great colours, coats is more expensive that's why I have been buying Lizbeth thread although I do have quite a bit I brought years ago, I have mixed coats and Lizbeth threads together and found they will work in together.
    Lovely motifs

  6. Well, thanks a lot! I have spent ages in the last 24 hours, scouring the Net, looking at these threads!

    As everyone who reads tat-ology must know by now, I am not a huge fan of Lizbeth thread and have worked on eliminating my stash, which is pretty small now, so this thread intrigues me. It does look pretty expensive though, and particularly prohibitive when one adds in the postal costs. So, I have been searching for a Canadian outlet. No luck so far, but you know Dr. Strangelove-Tatting-Buying-Finger will not rest ....
    Fox : ))


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