Wednesday, 4 April 2012

I think I'll Stop Here...

For now.  I've been carrying this project around for what seems like ages.  It all started here last summer.  And was mentioned here too.  This project was my "in the background" project.  It's the one that lived in my car and got worked on when I wasn't doing anything more pressing (the stuff you were seeing on the blog) and whenever I was in the car and had to wait, out it would come and I would work on it a little bit more.

Motif no.22 of 25-motif challenge
This currently measures 18in x 13in.
It was tatted in DMC Babylo no. 20

I still love the look of the motif and may work on it some more at some point in the future.  I may make a border for it...  Maybe I'd like to make a bigger square out of it...  I don't know.  But for now I think it's time to put it away for a while.  Or rather I won't put it away but use it and enjoy it as is for the moment until I'm inspired anew.  I love the colour of the thread and have enjoyed working on this.  But there are a lot of tiny rings and short chains which mean a lot of flipping the work back and forth which is fiddly when working on a bigger piece and you are joining the motifs.

This design comes from the book "Tatting Patterns" from Workbasket Magazine
and here is where you can find a bit more info about it.

I wish you all a...

See you soon.

Best wishes,


  1. It is gorgeous, Frivole! I think I've only tatted one pattern from that book. Maybe it's time to look at it again!

  2. This looks terrific Frivole!

  3. As always : perfect. I love the colout very much.

  4. That is just tat such exquisite things!

  5. I love this--so gorgeous! A Blessed Happy Easter to you and yours.

  6. Another lovely piece! Beautiful work and excellent photography.

  7. oh my! I applaud you for keeping it going for so long. This is lovely.

    I have the book and seen the pattern. I understand what you mean about it having too many small rings and the short chains between them. I think that is why I had not the feeling to tat it.

    1. Thank you Jon. Yes, but at the same time, that was part of the appeal of this design for me: I like the contrast between the bunches of tiny rings and the more open elements of this motif. But they were a bit time-consuming to make!

  8. It's absolutely beautiful! Even if you never do anything else to it at all, you should display it where everyone can see it! Lovely...

  9. Wow, that's magical. Congratulations, it's really a piece to be proud of and enjoy.

  10. Lovely piece of tatting, gorgeous pattern, well done for keeping going.

    I wish you a happy Easter

  11. Stunning! (as usual ;) )

    I am glad you are displaying it prominently - so much work deserves to be enjoyed!

    I think it is a great idea to have a "car project", and I am sort of sorry you had to wait so much! But I admit the result is totally worth it!

  12. Beautiful!
    the attaching of the separate motifs, and having to work with the whole project attached, almost makes you want to use the "old fashioned" method of tying the picots together between the motifs for ease of working.

  13. WOW.

    Just WOW.

    So beautiful - and so MUCH work!

  14. You have put in a lot of effort and time into this one, and it shows! It is so very beautiful!

  15. Just magnificent! Another work of art! And absolutely DO let it be seen!

    I know you are very skilled at working with larger pieces (beautifully shown on your video), but in the car I would surely connect the wrong picots together! I have trouble doing a simple butterfly!

    Sure wish I had that book! Too bad they don't have a compilation of ALL the Workbasket tatted patterns!

  16. My most sincere congratulations for the content of your blog. Especially the videos and demos that are among of the best I've seen. I have just finished watching your demonstration of how to hide the threads .. and I have no words to thank you for your lessons. The photos are great. ¡What a good idea¡ I am looking forward to implement your instructions. I will never sew the ends again.
    A Lace Lover

  17. Lovely job! I started this once, many, many moons ago. I did not make anywhere near as far as you have. I seem to remember I had tried it in a very soft thread, probably size 10, and didn't like working with it. I'm very impressed with how much you've done. Very good!!


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