Sunday, 9 February 2020

Only One Earring...

Sad.  Very sad.  My elbow was feeling better at last...  so I decided to tat a pair of earrings.  It's a slightly modified version of a pattern I purchased on Etsy.

I was so disappointed when I could feel the pain coming back even before I'd finished the first earring!  Tragic.  I won't be making the other earring for now.  Feeling rather despondent about that.

They are rather large for me and I was going to make a scaled down version of them next.  But no, it's not to be.  Tatting will have to wait yet longer.  

* Sad Face *

Best wishes,


  1. It’ll have to be a pendant until you get your tatting arm back. I hope it’s soon.

  2. So sad to be hurting, I’m sorry! It is a beautiful piece (pendant as Jane suggests?). Rest that elbow!

  3. Wow its lovely,💐 and if it helps YouTube has great ways to treat yourself with hand and elbow problems take care home you feel better soon

  4. It's a wonderful earring!! :)
    I will pray for you to heal quickly and completely!! :)

  5. Ein wunderschöner Ohrring. Gefällt mir sehr gut.
    Für den Arm wünsche ich schnelle Heilung.

  6. Oh Joelle I am sorry to read your shoulder is not good again, its a beautiful earring perhaps it would look good as a pendant as its so large

  7. Love your tutorials! I'm a beginner with fond memories of seeing my mother's flying fingers!


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