Tuesday, 6 March 2018


As some of you may know, the UK was recently hit by a rare snowstorm.  This caused us to go in search of our warm mittens and hats so we could go outside and enjoy the snow.  I found this old pair in a drawer which is now 35 years old!  It's a little frayed but surprisingly not bad really for its age.  It inspired me to look at patterns and think I could knit a couple of new pairs so we'd have them in the drawer for the next time we might need them... and because there are so many lovely patterns for these types of nordic mittens!

Mittens are also a small project which don't take too long to knit.  I know a few friends who'd like a pair...

This is the first of the new pair.  The pattern is "Northman Mittens" by David Schulz.
The colours are olive green and duck-egg blue.

I like the whole thing but particularly
the Latvian braid which I'd not tried before.
Easy to do and effective.

It's the arrow-looking part at the bottom of the cuff.
Here's a little sampler where I tried the stitch
before tackling the mittens.


I'm on the second mitten now... but I've run out of wool!  I thought it'd be a good idea to use leftovers... except there wasn't enough.  

I might try these "Selbu Mittens" next.  

Best wishes,


  1. Almost makes me wish for chilly weather so I can wear something as lovely as these mittens. Almost.

  2. Very cold and snowy here... these are lovely, I love the Latvian braid!

  3. Very nice mittens!! :)
    I like the little sample piece and think if you continued it would be a nice cuff on a young girls mittens. :) The colors are so pretty!! :)

  4. Your old mittens are older than me. They are indeed looking good for their age, as I assume they have seen quite a few snowball fights.
    I love the new ones you made too. The pointy end looks intriguing, I haven't seen them like that before.

  5. I love them I admire you can make such a complex pattern i tat but can't knit well at all😄

  6. Die alten Handschuhe haben sich gut erhalten. Aber auch die neuen Handschuhe sind sehr hübsch. Sie wärmen bestimmt bei der nächsten Kälte. Sie müssen hoffentlich nicht mehr in diesem Jahr Verwendung finden. Die neue Spitze am unteren Anfang finde ich sehr hübsch.

  7. There is nothing better than a handmade pair of woolen mittens. The Selbu mittens are from Selbu, Norway. A great book about them is Selbuvotter: Biography of a Knitting Tradition by Terri Shea. They are my favorite to knit and wear.

  8. Lovely mittens! I have a pair in progress that I need to finish. I think I may look for them today. Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. Lovely mittens,
    I will be knitting a hat and scarf for next January when Vernon and I go off to see the northern lights,

  10. Beautiful mitten! Love the braid. Wish it was cold enough here in Brisbane for mittens.

  11. How fun to find the 35 year-old mittens!
    The Latvian braid is fun to do and you are making a lovely NEW pair of mittens.


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