Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Hanky Choice and Valentine!

Thank you for your comments on the previous post.  The variegated purple turned out more popular than expected but although the colours matched really well, I was unhappy with the look of variegated for this project.

The other choice that got most votes was the bluer green which I think matched best of the two greens so that's what I went with (although I did hesitate for quite some time and ended up working too much of both before I made up my mind!).  I'm finding it very relaxing to work this one shuttle edging and am making good progress.

The colour is not accurate at all in this photo
but it was taken in the evening with poor lighting.

However, when examining my hanky to check how many repeats I needed for each side, I noticed how badly hemmed it was...  Look at that.  It's all crooked!  The hem is not even lined up with the woven lines in the fabric.

See this corner?
Not impressed.

So I decided to undo the hem, cut the fabric where necessary and re-hem so that it has four straight and matching sides.  I made nice little mitered corners and hand-stitched the hem.  Yes, that's better.

And lastly,
today is the 14th of February

so I'd like to wish a Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!



  1. Beautiful hemming! The edged hanky certainly deserves it! Happy Valentine's Day to you too!
    Katie V in NC

  2. Your edging looks wonderful!!! :)
    You did a great job fixing that hanky edge!! :)

  3. Hanky finishing is gorgeous as is the edging! I might give that one a go!

  4. Ahh perfection 💗💜❤💖💖

  5. It’s really pretty . Glad you could sort the hankie out, it would be a shame to put the edging on a wobbly edge.

  6. Your new hem looks wonderful... well worth the extra effort!

  7. Ein schöner Saum ist es geworden. DDer Aufwand lohnt sich.
    Bin schon auf den fertigen Occhi-Rand gespannt.
    Nachträglich noch einen schönen Valentintag

  8. Wow! Talk about "attention to detail"!

  9. I am a type A personality also, and it does bother one when things aren't even :) looks perfect now though.....and beautiful tatting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. That's one thing that gets me annoyed hems that are not straight even on skirts and dresses. You did a beautiful job of stitching. Look forward to seeing it with the edging

  11. Thank you very much for your comments tatters! I finished the hem a couple of days ago and will show you photos very soon.


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