Wednesday, 6 May 2015

The Green Green Grass of Home

This colour really is like fresh green grass.  It's a wet and windy day today but out of my window, this is just the colour I'm looking at in the fresh spring leaves and growing grass.

I finished it!  This is my son's sweater, all washed and dried and ready for giving (in a couple of weeks).  It's soft and smells lovely!

I enjoyed making it very much.  Working in the round for the body, then knit the sleeves up to the armholes and then joining it all together to finish the whole sweater in one piece, finishing with the neck ribbing.  No picking up of stitches and just two tiny seams under the arms.

The raglan was written up to make decreases two stitches from the edge but I don't completely like the wide band this produces so next time, I will probably try a different treatment for the raglan.  Apart from that, I'm happy and I also like the decorative stitch which is described as a "leaf panel".  There is a tiny bit of pulling where the tip of the leaf is right against the single knit stitch line and if I was making this decorative panel again, I would add one more purl stitch between the leaf and its edge to avoid this effect.

I also finished my husband's stripy green socks and am happy with the toe-up method of making socks.  

Sadly, no new tatting to show you this time.

Best wishes,


  1. Lovely knitting projects :-)
    I hadn’t noticed, but after you mentioned, I agree about the broad raglan band. I generally prefer the narrow look, but this broad band looks more masculine, too.
    Neat socks !

  2. Fabulous colour! - it's wonderful, your son will be thrilled.

  3. Ah, Tom Jones will be singing in my mind today! Lovely sweater! My brother loves sweaters that my mom knits and he keeps them forever... he's 52... there's nothing like a sweater from Mom.

    I don't think my dear husband will ever receive hand-knit socks from me. He's too hard on them! Honestly, I think he wears out a pair each month. I think it's because his feet get wet when he's watering at the greenhouse. Maybe when he retires...

    1. That's nice to know about your brother and his sweaters! Do you make socks for other people then if not for your husband? Better to knit for children really…. smaller sizes! :-)

  4. Lovely jumper, a real fresh green, and great socks,
    You only have one pair of hands so we can't expect tatting as well.
    Well done with your knitting

    1. Thank you Margaret! You know… I feel guilty when I don't show any tatting as I started this blog as a tatting blog and I think that's what readers want to see. But I am really enjoying my bout of knitting at the moment and find it very satisfying to complete items that can be worn… instead of just looked at! :-)

    2. Don't feel guilty! - lots of us knit as well as tat, and I always enjoy seeing what you have been working on.

  5. Wonderful sweater and nice socks!! :)


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