Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Pot Holder and Rose Cosy

Thank you very much for all your positive comments in the previous post.  I was a little worried that people who had started following my blog for the tatting, would perhaps not like seeing too much of all the other stuff I do.  I just feel that my current yarn enthusiasm might keep me occupied for a little while longer so I thought I'd mention it and ask for your advice.  I was relieved to read that you seem to be happy to see a mix of everything.

So, onwards I go!

The pot holder is now completed.  I tried a few different flowers in different yarn/threads but I wasn't happy with any.  In the end, I chose a very simple, flat(tish) flower and added a matching blue button to the centre.  Simple but I think it's ok for a practical item.  I didn't want the decoration to get in the way when using the pot holder.  I really like the thick fabric achieved with this stitch.  And the colour is much better in this photo, more like the real thing.  I added a little shell stitch all around as well to soften and pretty up the edge.

I'm now on the third ball of wool for my son's scarf and I think it will be long enough after I finish this ball.  Fingers crossed.

And then I started something else.  This will go with the potholder and it's a tea cosy.  I can't remember the last time I made a tea cosy!  But now my husband's seen this one, he says he wants one for our teapot too.  The pattern can be found here, on Megan's website, and is called the Crochet Brioche Cosy.  It has a nice looking rib effect that looks a bit like knitting but it is crochet.  This worked up quickly with a 3.75mm hook and DK wool.  I did make it smaller than is stated in the pattern by starting with a chain of 32 stitches and making 4 gores per side instead of 6.

You may remember the pretty roses I started crocheting a few weeks ago?  They were to decorate this cosy.  They are made using this pattern, again on Megan's website.  Just in case someone wants to make them though, mine were made using rows one and three only, skipping the second row.  I then varied the length of the starting chain to make bigger and smaller roses.

I had seen this cosy some weeks ago
which had sent me in search of the pink and green wool
for the roses.

Tea anyone?

I do like this crochet rib very much.
It makes a nice thick fabric for a cosy.

I love the roses!

Best wishes,


  1. This is splendid, you have a great eye for fashion! Just beautiful! I don't think words could express how nice this looks!

  2. Funnily enough, I was given a pot holder like that for Christmas. It's so pretty that I hesitate to use it! I love the tea cosy - so elegant.

  3. The cosy is gorgeous! I have a friend who is a tea person, maybe I should take up crochet!
    Love the potholder too!

  4. Very nice pot holder!!! And your tea cozy is amazing!!! :)

  5. Your pot holder is fabulous, and I love the roses, me too:)
    Gorgeous works!

  6. I love, love, love the roses! The more squat height works very well in a bunch without needing other fillers and still shows off all the distinct petals. The colours are gorgeous and the yarn itself has the loveliest "silky bloom" to it. I rather fancy the pot holder too and, all in all, I think it makes a wonderful gift for a tea-lover. I'd often sit the teapot on it as a thick, insulating trivet and get to enjoy both fabulous gifts at once. Speaking of the pot holder, I think the button and flower works really well. It says "homely kitchen" to me! And the tatted doily? Superb!

  7. I love the cosy! great pictures too

  8. Hmmmm, I can smell the tea and the roses from here!

  9. What a fabulous tea cosy! Perfectly coloured roses. : )

  10. I'm tempted to pick up my crochet hooks, but I think I'll try and stay focused with finishing my knitting and tatting projects. I LOVE that tea cozy!

  11. I love your little teapot cosy - it looks so beautiful with the roses.


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