Monday, 17 February 2014

One Hundred!

… squares that is.  Amongst all the other things, progress is being made on my granny square blanket and I thought 100 squares was worth acknowledging.  Just another 43 to go.

I gave up using the diagram generated by the random granny square generator because I quickly realised that actual random was not what I was after but rather a good distribution of colour.  I have now written out all the possibilities (156 of them) and ticked the ones I'd already used and am now going through all the combinations I'd not done yet.  In fact I will be finished with the blanket before using up all the possible combinations.

This project has enabled me to really practice holding my crochet overhand (before this I had always held it the other way) and I'm now much better at it and gathering speed!  I find the overhand hold much easier on my wrists.

Best wishes,


  1. It is so cheerful and beautiful!

  2. So bright and colourful - lovely!

  3. Yes, it is a beautiful piece!

    Wise to try a different hold; I had tendonitis for 5 months because I couldn’t get the hang of the knife position! The reverse of your situation I think!

  4. Es muy bonita y muy alegre con esos colores.Besos.

  5. I crochet from time to time and that is a very good tip for the hands, this is very nice blanket!

  6. Typically I,m not a granny square type person but I find the harmony of the same center for each and your random, not so random very pleasing!

    1. I'm not really either Michelle but I just fancied a riot of colours and it's been fun to make.

  7. It's so fun and cheery looking! Your distribution of colors gives the appearance of randomness, whereas if you went with true randomness you would probably end up with splotches of the same color here and there. The way you've done it looks great!

  8. I loved the colours! As tatting things that you do,you are also, the artist on crochet.

  9. Beautiful colours! I think this is looking lovely.


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